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Sudden sensorineural hearing loss

Sudden sensorineural hearing loss needs fast action

Following on from features in our newsletter last year about Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss, we’d like to re-emphasise the importance of responding immediately to this condition. We have seen some client cases recently which have led to urgent referrals. Sudden Hearing Loss is a medical emergency and although steroid treatment is usually successful, acting quickly is crucial.

We had a very upset client who rushed round the other day because she believed she had suddenly gone deaf – we fitted her in straight away and as it turned out her ears were full of wax so we could of course give her immediate relief, but it is vital that such instances are taken seriously and that clients are seen immediately as the timing is crucial.

Peter, one of our Marlow referrals said:

“My very grateful thanks to Kevin at Help in Hearing. I suddenly lost hearing in my left ear and contacted Marlow Help in Hearing for an urgent test and was given an appointment the very next day. Following a thorough examination, Kevin urgently referred me to a Consultant at the Princess Margaret Hospital as he had detected a major hearing loss in my left ear. I was lucky enough to be seen the following day, thanks to Kevin’s urgent referral.

“I was instructed to undergo a full brain MRI scan and prescribed a five-day course of steroids as Kevin and the Consultant agreed that it appeared that the blood was not circulating to my inner ear. The Consultant informed me there was a good chance that my hearing loss might be reversed thanks to Kevin’s quick action. Had this been left any longer I could have lost my hearing permanently. I am so thankful to Kevin for the early detection, accurate diagnosis and speedy referral, which has undoubtedly gone a long way to potentially saving my hearing.”

If you experience sudden hearing loss, please give us a call straight away or get in touch online, as fast action could be crucial.


This is an update to an article first published in our Spring 2018 newsletter


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