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Three step consultation

A hearing consultation with your Help in Hearing, highly qualified and experienced hearing consultant is a key first step in your journey to better hearing. It could be wax removal, a hearing aid solution or simply advice on how to maximise your hearing.  We have a comprehensive consultation process to ensure that you can make the best decision to improve your quality of life by gaining the quality of hearing you expect. We make sure everything is right for you by following three essential steps in our consultation:


We listen to your story, establish your family history, find out any medical related information, and understand your particular requirements. From this information we learn to understand how your hearing changes affects you and it will help us guide you to the most appropriate solution of hearing correction.

Three step consultation evaluating


Evaluating your hearing requirements will include a number of tests using our advanced state of the art diagnostic testing systems that cover everything from a physical examination of your ear canal & eardrum, observe any earwax issues that may be blocking the ear canal and checking for any anomalies, such as perforation of the eardrum or fluid build up in the middle ear. Audiometric tests are performed which include playing a series of pure tone sound signals at varied loudness levels and frequencies in a controlled sound-proofed environment followed by speech understanding tests in simulated environments such as office, home, events, car.


Once we have completed this comprehensive assessment we will be in a position to advise on the best course of action to improve your hearing. Your hearing and requirements are unique and personal to you and we will produce a tailored course of action that exactly matches your needs.  

Arrange a hearing consultation

Our consultations can ensure you can live life to the full with crisp hearing and clarity of sound. Contact us now to arrange a no obligation consultation with one of our hearing specialists.

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