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Hearing Health

For us, it's personal

We believe hearing health is as important as dental and eye health, and as such should be regarded in the same way, no matter what age.

How To Look After Your Hearing

Look after your hearing

At Help in Hearing we understand that caring for your hearing health is just as important as caring for the rest of your overall health and wellbeing. By looking after all aspects of hearing care and hearing protection, we are enabling clients to keep socially active, remain confident in their working environment, enjoy family life to the full and avoid the unnecessary risk of changing lifestyle because of hearing reduction. Healthy hearing equals a healthy life style.

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Hearing Changes

Hearing changes

Just as our eyesight changes your hearing changes too. From very early stages in our lives our hearing range diminishes. A teenager’s hearing range is by far wider than for a young adult, even by the age of 20 certain sounds are no longer audible. Therefore it is not unusual for hearing to reduce with the aging process.

As age related hearing loss is mostly gradual, the affected individual is mostly unaware until a spouse, family member, friends or work colleagues may point out that they have to repeat themselves frequently or that the TV volume is too high for them.

There are many other causes of hearing reduction, from excessive noise exposure even in young age, to viral infections, such as Mumps or Measles, congenital hearing loss or drug induced hearing loss.

Whatever the reason, we encourage everyone to look after their hearing as well as they are looking after the rest of their health. Just as physical exercises keeps the body fit, hearing correction, when there is a hearing loss, will keep the brain fit and active. Hearing well equals Living well.

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General signs of hearing loss

General signs of hearing loss

Hearing loss generally happens gradually, and early signs can often be missed.

There are some common signs to look out for. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you may have some hearing loss and we recommend a hearing test.

  • Do your family/friends complain that your television is too loud?
  • Do you sometimes think people are mumbling?
  • Do you need to ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Do you struggle to hear conversation in noisy places?
  • Do you avoid social situations in case you do not hear conversation?
  • Do you feel tired after listening in noisy places?

If you experience a sudden or very rapid loss of hearing, this is considered as a medical emergency and you should seek urgent medical care from a hospital A&E department.

Book an appointment for a hearing assessment

Check your hearing

We at Help in Hearing recommend regular hearing checks for any age group just as with eye and dental checks. You can book a hearing test with one of our specialist audiologists at any of our practices, by calling our Farnham Common or Marlow clinics on 0345 222 0579 or our Henley-on-Thames clinic on 01491 577 555. Both centres are within a short drive from larger areas such as Beaconsfield, Windsor, Slough, Burnham, Taplow, Maidenhead, Datchet, Langley, Farnham Royal, Farnham Common and Gerrards Cross.

Not sure if you need a hearing test?

Then take our online hearing test and check before booking an appointment. At Help in Hearing we believe that today is better than tomorrow in detecting whether or not a person has a hearing loss that can be treated to enable one to get on with a near to normal ‘hearing life’.

Our hearing is one of the most important senses we have and looking after it is absolutely key. Read our blog to find out why taking a holistic approach to hearing care is best.

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