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April 2023

Welcome to our April online newsletter

A very warm welcome to you all.  It has been a while since our last newsletter but we are delighted to update you on our news. There has recently been a new launch by Oticon and all clients who have tried the new hearing aids, called Real, have been absolutely delighted, particularly with the speech discrimination aspect. Do call to book an appointment if you would like to find out more. 

Help in Hearing HenleyWe are delighted that the Henley practice is thriving and we are very much enjoying working with our new team. There is a lovely case study from one of our Henley clients who really sings the praises of the team over there.

Some of our Marlow clients recently had an appointments in Henley while Kevin was on holiday and vice versa. We do our best to support you whenever you need our help and it is great to see the benefits of our three practice group and how we can give you even more booking options.





In this issue - Contents

Some of our main stories in this issue:

  • Diabetes and how it effects hearing
  • May 18th Coffee Morning at Henley Town Hall 
  • Look out for “Hearing to the Max” a useful book reviewed by Wendy 

Note from the editor

Our Open Weeks in February were such a success that we would like to take this opportunity of thanking all our clients who booked in. Many have now been fitted with new aids, having enjoyed the opportunity to trial them.

We are holding a special event in Henley on 18th May with the multi media broadcaster featuring as a guest speaker talking about his particular hearing journey and how we have helped him; alongside a guest speaker  from Hearing Dogs who is also a client; and our Henley audiologist Bryan Venters. Please tell your family and friends about this event as we would love to see you there!

We do hope you enjoy this issue. We look forward to any feedback you have and seeing you all in practice! We hope you enjoy this newsletter.

Environmentally friendly bags

While doing her apprenticeship, our Receptionist and Admin support in Farnham Common Natalya took on a project which considered ways of improving our eco friendly efforts at Help in Hearing.

Although we were previously giving our clients sustainable paper carrier bags, we were also giving out plastic zipper bags.  The zipper bags have always been very popular as they are great for keeping aids and sundries in, particularly for travelling. We are delighted to have found an alternative that is so much better for the environment. Featured in the photo is our new zippy bag which we give to all clients when they buy aids,  made from post-consumer recycled bottles (RPET). We hope you enjoy using our initiative. If you haven’t yet got one, do ask Natalya.

Why is everyone watching tv with subtitles on?

In a recent feature in the Guardian online, it was reported that 40% of Netflix viewers are regularly using subtitles. Not just for people who are hard of hearing, the newspaper asked the question: do we use subtitles because we enjoy them, or is there a more annoying reason?

There are a number of suggestions as to why someone might use the help of subtitles –  from hard-to-hear dialogue, poor quality speakers, lazy listening, or even noisy neighbours – but the article certainly makes interesting reading. Read more here.

Don’t forget that most manufacturers feature a TV streamer in their range, which can be paired with your hearing aids so you can hear directly in your ears. Our audiologists can show you how these work, giving you a demonstration on our TV’s in the clinic rooms. Do call us if you would like to find out more.

Wendy's Audiology Adventures popular with the WI

At the end of February Wendy once again returned to the Falklands for her regular 2-week audiology clinic over there. She saw around 80 patients in all, ranging in age from 18 months up to ninety something!  Well done Wendy, we are so proud of you!

In one of our previous newsletters our readers loved the feature on Wendy’s audiological adventures abroad. It was so interesting that we asked one of the local WI’s if they would like Wendy to give a talk. It was so popular that Wendy has now been asked to talk to two more groups! If you are a member of a local group and would like to arrange for Wendy to visit, please do give us a call.

New leader for Marlow Tinnitus Support Group

Gilly set up the Marlow and Farnham Common Tinnitus Support Group back in 2017. As a trained Tinnitus Adviser and someone who has struggled with Meniere’s Disease, she believes that Support Groups can play such a fantastic role in helping people feel less isolated. It has been a successful group, very popular initially but understandably waning with Covid times. She has now passed the mantle on to group member and Tinnitus UK volunteer Chris Zaremba. Chris also regularly hosts a programme on Marlow FM  Chris is supported by another group member and trained Tinnitus Adviser Debbie Perry, who hosts alternate meetings. Gilly wanted to take this opportunity to thank both Chris and Debbie for taking on the group. If you would like to find out more about dates and contact details, take a look at this link.

Photo courtesy of Marlow FM

Special guests at our Henley Town Hall Coffee Morning

Henley Coffee Morning

We are delighted to invite you, your family and your friends to a coffee morning at Henley Town Hall on May 18th with guest speakers.

Coffee, Conversation & Talks on Hearing Journeys 

Thursday May 18th    

10.00am – 12.00pm

The Council Chamber, Henley Town Hall

Special guests:

  • Hearing Dogs Local Guest Speaker: Rosemary Edginton with her dog Teaka talks about her work as a local volunteer.
  • Nicky Horne, the multimedia broadcaster talks about how the latest hearing technology makes a difference.
  • Henley audiologist Bryan Venters will answer any questions you have about hearing and ear health.


Spotlight on...the BTA

Spotlight on….Diabetes by Wendy Davies

Spotlight on....


Diabetes and hearing loss

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition where your blood glucose levels are too high.

There are different types of diabetes; the main ones are type 1 and type 2.

Diabetes occurs when either our body is not making any insulin – the hormone made by our pancreas that allows glucose to enter our blood stream – or when our body cannot effectively use the insulin it is making.

One in fifteen people in the UK have diabetes including one million people with type 2 diabetes who have not been diagnosed (Diabetes UK 2022).

Hearing Loss

Diabetes can cause nerve damage resulting in issues with several parts of the body including eyes, feet, hands and kidneys and there is growing evidence that it can also cause hearing loss.

A study in America, which surveyed 5,000 adults determined that people with diabetes are twice as likely to have hearing loss compared to those without the condition.

It is not known exactly why hearing loss is more common in people with diabetes, but it is thought that prolonged high blood sugar levels affect the blood supply to the small nerves and vessels near the ear.

Looking After Your Hearing

Any hearing loss resulting from diabetes cannot be reversed but you can minimise any loss occurring by keeping your blood sugar as close as possible to your target level.

It is a good idea for everyone to have regular hearing checks and we recommend that people with diabetes have an annual test.

It is also worth remembering to protect your hearing from noise by wearing ear plugs when using loud machinery such as lawn mover and electric drills.

Call to book an appointment for a hearing test or to discuss noise protection. Call 0345 2220579 for Farnham Common and Marlow or 01491577555 for Henley.

Audiologist team meeting

What our patients say about us

We often send out client satisfaction surveys to be sure we are keeping up our gold standard service. We would like to thank our clients for taking the time to feedback to us.  We’d love to hear from you, so please email us if you’d like to provide feedback or a testimonial about our service.

If you have been delighted with the services that we offer, we would really appreciate it if you could click and review us on one of these links below. It is a simple process – you just need your email or facebook login passwords at hand – or take a look at our instructions here:

Just click on one of the links, depending on which practice you visit.

help in hearing farnham common – Google Search

help in hearing marlow – Google Search

Help in Hearing Henley

Thank you!

GroHawk 10/10 review for Help in Hearing


Five stars is not enough.

I have known Kevin for over 25 years and he has very much been a part of my journey. Hearing loss been a rollercoaster of emotion for me; from discovering high frequency hearing loss at age 3, wearing heavy behind the ear aids, to seeking a small in ear aid to give me the power I needed, whilst offering me the cosmetic features I required!

Kevin acts with professionalism, patience, discretion and compassion, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him or Help in Hearing to anyone who required.

GroHawk 10/10 review for Help in Hearing

Rosemary Edginton

A very positive and enhancing change to my daily life

Having had a few negative experiences with Hearing Aid providers I was rather apprehensive about accepting the Help in Hearing invite for a trial of their Aids. However having visited the practice on several occasions for earwax removal and received a warm and relaxing experience I decided to take up the offer.

Now I am so very pleased that I did. On my initial visit I was made very welcome by both Kinga and Bryan.

During the examination Bryan made me feel so relaxed and I felt most reassured with his approach.  He took time to understand my own personal situation and lifestyle. I also knew that if I’d had any concerns or issues during the trial I could contact them with confidence.

The aids I was issued with have made a very positive and enhancing change to my daily life and I now feel so much more ‘inclusive’. Plus I know that should I have any queries I can contact them immediately.

I would thoroughly recommend this practice and its Staff.

GroHawk 10/10 review for Help in Hearing

Yasmin Akhtar

Exceptional Staff

It was honestly a pleasure doing business with you, all the staff are exceptional, from the receptionist on the initial call and then Nikki who was amazing at putting me at ease and they have so much integrity which is falling short most places. I also work in healthcare sector with a lot of elderly patients and families and I will be definitely be recommending your services.

GroHawk 10/10 review for Help in Hearing

Lois Pryce

Attentive and Knowledgeable

Wendy was friendly, efficient and professional. She was attentive and knowledgeable with regards to my situation and my questions surrounding my hearing loss and tinnitus.

David Pink

“Booking an appointment at Help in Hearing Henley was the best thing I ever did!”

Nathan Turner

I approached Help in Hearing several years ago as I was having trouble with tinnitus. I have been under the care of both Selma (about 4 years ago) and then Wendy from 2022 onwards.  The care and service I have received has been exemplary and I could not rate Help in Hearing enough.  I have been fitted with hearing aids for sound therapy which are working well.  I did have a slight software problem at first, but this was rectified by Wendy, both quickly and easily.  I will only be using Help in in the future.

“Nothing is too much trouble at Help in Hearing” says patient David Pink

Booking an appointment at Help in Hearing was the best thing I ever did” says our Henley client David Pink about his recent experience.

Mr Pink has a history of noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus, which was particularly noticeable while on regular road trips to America, and while enjoying a weekend pastime of watching his favourite football team with friends on a large TV at his local pub.

He found his previous aids frustrating as it was difficult to hear speech in noisy environments. Our Henley audiologist Bryan Venters suggested that David tries ITE’s (in the ear) aids with moulds, as this would give his hearing loss a significant enhancement. Indeed, he says there is a 20% improvement in his hearing. Although initially moulds can be a little uncomfortable if you’re not used to wearing them, he highly recommends persevering, as he is entirely happy with them now.


Nothing is too much trouble at Help in Hearing

When he first saw Bryan in Henley he was taken aback by the care and time that he was given at his appointment. He says: “I had more tests than I’ve ever had before. Bryan was so much more thorough, and nothing is too much trouble. I don’t think people realise how much programming and fine tuning it takes to get a hearing aid right for each individual’s hearing problem”.

David wears rechargeable Oticon aids, and he finds the App on his mobile phone very helpful for controlling his hearing levels. He works in the building trade and often turns his devices down when he is near loud machinery. The App features four settings which he uses for different lifestyle occasions, benefitting his hearing experience hugely.


Impressive Customer Service

He is also impressed by the follow-up and customer service at Help in Hearing. He was in Scotland just before Christmas and on the return journey his suitcase was lost by the airline. Unfortunately, one of his most vital possessions was in the case, his hearing aid charger. He went to see Henley’s Patient Care Coordinator Kinga who organised a replacement charger quicker than his suitcase was found.

David comments: “Such customer service is hard to come by nowadays. It was such a small thing but so important to me”. He recommends Help in Hearing to everyone, and if you would like to find out more about our services please do call and book in today on 01491 577555.

Oticon Real

Oticon say that their latest new aids, known as Real, feature advanced technology that not only offers exceptional speech clarity but also protects the wearer from disruptive sounds like wind, handling noise and sudden environmental sounds. It is their most powerful platform to date, using the New Polaris R to give the RealSound Technology Experience.

According to research by Oticon, more than 7 out of 10 hearing aid users are challenged by disruptive sounds such as ringing phones, blowing wind, clicking keyboards and many more. They believe that traditional hearing aid technology has either been too slow to react, leading to unnatural over-amplification of these sounds, or has used simple gain reduction techniques that reduce gain for all sounds in the environment, including speech.

Oticon Real takes Oticon’s BrainHearing technology to the next level.  Supporting the brain with exceptional speed and precision by processing complex, unpredictable sounds with extremely high speed and precision, Oticon Real makes sure that they are accessible – but not disruptive. This means that speech and other surrounding sounds are not compromised, which ensures that the brain receives access to the full sound scene.

Please call to make an appointment if you would like to find out more about the new Real aids.

A Book Review by Wendy

This month Wendy’s column has a slightly different focus. As an avid reader, Wendy suggested a great new idea of running a series of book reviews that she feels would be of interest to our clients.

Take a look….

Hearing to the Max by John Greer Clark, PhD


This little handbook – just 82 pages – has been written for those with hearing loss and their family and friends.The author, Dr Clark, was in private Audiology practice for 25 years before becoming a professor at the University of Cincinnati. He is a frequent international speaker on audiologic counselling and adult hearing rehabilitation.


The book is easy to read and engaging, using plain language, and limiting the number of technical terms used. Do note that the author is American so some of the spelling is a little different e.g. sensory/neural rather than sensorineural and it recommends American Associations but the equivalent groups can be found in the UK. After a brief explanation of the ear anatomy, Dr Clark begins with the important message that hearing aids cannot restore hearing to normal levels. While hearing aids improve hearing, they cannot restore all frequencies to a normal level therefore some residual hearing loss will remain.

I often hear from clients that their family and friends expect them to hear everything when they are wearing their hearing aids but in reality, most clients and their families will also need to employ the strategies outlined in this book.

Hearing to the Max highlights the important issue that those with hearing loss may start to avoid social situations and points out that this also affects partners and other family members. It reminds us that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure we have good communication and provides an interesting table of the sources of communication breakdown.

The second half of the book takes us through hearing strategies which challenge us to “WATCH OUT”. Each letter of WATCH OUT is the beginning of a strategy e.g. we start with W which is for “watch” which tells us that visual speech cues can increase speech understanding by up to 20%.

I found the pages providing tips for hearing well when eating out to be very informative and helpful.

Hearing to the Max can be purchased at Amazon . Or from any book store requesting ISBN number 9781732110441

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