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Your Q & A's

Our Senior Audiologist Wendy Davies answers a number of your frequently asked questions regarding your hearing, hearing aids and ear health.

How do I know I need a hearing test?

There are a few signs that indicate that you need a test and may need hearing aids such as continuously asking friends & relatives to repeat what they have said, not hearing conversation clearly; turning the television up louder and avoiding social situations in case you do not hear the conversation.

What happens at a Hearing Assessment

The Audiologist will begin by asking you questions about your hearing and general health. They will look in your ears to determine if there is any wax present and if there is, they will remove it.

There will then be a series of hearing tests, possibly including speech discrimination and the results will be discussed and recommendations made as to the best solution for you, which may include using hearing aids.

How many times will I need to see the Audiologist?

The Audiologist will meet with you for the initial assessment and again 1-2 weeks later to fit your new hearing aids. A follow up appointment will be made for 2 weeks after the fitting to allow you to discuss with the Audiologist how you are getting on with the aids after which the Audiologist will see you as many times as you require/would like.

Some clients visit us monthly for a clean and check of their aids and others only attend once a year.

Do my hearing aids have any warranty & how long will they last?

We provide 4 years warranty with all hearing aids.

Most people upgrade their hearing aids every 3 to 5 years. The lifespan of the hearing aids is affected by multiple factors, how often you wear them, where you use them, model type, general maintenance etc.

Can I connect my hearing aids to my mobile phone & what are the benefits?

Yes, depending on the model of hearing aid and phone that you have.

From 2016, many RIC style hearing aids have Bluetooth which allows them to pair with iPhones. More recently, hearing aids can also pair with Android phones. For further information, please see how “How To Guides” or call our Marlow and Farnham Common clinics on 0345 2220579 or our Henley-on-Thames clinic on 01491 577 555

Using Bluetooth to pair your hearing aids to your phone allows you to hear phone calls in both ears, through your hearing aids. You can also play music from your phone directly into your hearing aids.



Are hearing aids easy to use?

Yes, they are. The Audiologist will discuss the different choices with you to find the easiest option for your lifestyle, technology requirements and dexterity. Many hearing aids are rechargeable, removing the need to change batteries. They are also automatic so there is minimal adjustment required by the wearer.

At your fitting, your  Audiologist will fully explain how to use the hearing aids and how to fit and remove them, as well as how to keep them clean.

Do you provide insurance for my hearing aids?

We do not provide insurance, but we do recommend that you add them to your house contents insurance in case they get lost. It has been very difficult for people with hearing aids during the Covid  mandatory mask wearing times, so do be careful to choose a mask style that doesn’t get caught up with your aids.

If you do lose your aids and you have insurance we always replace like for like and will provide a quote for your insurance company. They sometimes suggest you see their recommended audiologist but you are entitled to claim the cash benefit and see your favoured audiologist. If you need any advice please do call our Marlow and Farnham Common clinics on 0345 2220579 or our Henley-on-Thames clinic on 01491 577 555

I purchased my hearing aids from a different provider, are you able to help me with them?

Yes, we deal with all the main hearing aid providers and can support and maintain most models. Please call our Marlow and Farnham Common clinics on 0345 2220579 or our Henley-on-Thames clinic on 01491 577 555 to make an appointment and be advised of any costs.


Can I pair my hearing aids to my TV?

You can turn off irritating subtitles! The good news is that you can stream sound directly into your ears using Bluetooth, via a TV Connector. We run technology workshops at our practices to demonstrate how this works.

Ear wax microsuction Q&A's

Q: How do you remove wax from my ears?

A: We use the microsuction procedure. Using a microscope to examine your ear, the Audiologist uses a small tube connected to a medical suction device to gently remove wax from your ear canal.

Q: Does microsuction hurt?

A: No, most people comment that Microsuction has a rather strange sensation but is not uncomfortable. You will hear the suction as a wind rushing sound.

Q: Do I need to use olive oil to soften my ear wax before my appointment?

A: We prefer you not to use any olive oil or drops prior to your microsuction appointment.

Q: How should I clean my ears?

A: Using a flannel or a tissue to wipe around the entrance of your ear canal only as far as you can comfortably insert your finger. Clean all the outside of your ear (your pinna) with the flannel. You should do this every day.

Do not use cotton buds as these may push wax further into your ear causing a blockage in your ear canal.

If you think your ears are blocked with wax, please make an appointment to see an Audiologist.


Ear wax microsuction
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