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To Us It's Personal

With over 70 years combined experience, we are proud to offer our clients unrivalled standards of professional hearing health care. Quality of service is our commitment, our aim and our goal. Our specialist audiologists are continually updating their knowledge and skills to serve you better.

Our commitment to the quality of care given to all our clients is unfaltering and we never give up on anyone. Our dedicated consultant audiologists have the knowledge, the expertise and the skills but most of all, they will give you the time needed, to get to know and understand your requirements in relation to your hearing health.

We’re here to help, to us it’s personal. Contact us to find out more.

Marlow & Farnham Common: 0345 222 0579 Henley: 01491 577 555
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Hearing Advice - when life is worth listening to

We have a genuine desire to change people’s lives. Our friendly but highly professional approach has earned us life-long client relationships built on trust, dedication and continuity of care. We truly believe hearing health is as important as your eyes, dental and general health. Our commitment and passion is to help you to maintain your hearing health and enjoy life to the full.



Dr Chloe Scott - Help In Hearing Audiologist


Audiologist - RHAD, PsychD

After more than a decade working in mental health, for the NHS and privately, Chloe moved into audiology in 2016.  Throughout her career the key principles of carefully listening to…

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Audiologist and Ear Care Specialist - BSc Audiology, RHAD

Vikki Sahdra joined our experienced audiology team in 2023, after working as a clinical audiologist in the NHS for almost a decade, followed by  2 years as a private dispenser.…

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Audiologist and Ear Care Specialist - RHAD MSHAA

Having enjoyed a long career in the electronics industry I was looking for a change. Twenty years ago, I made the decision to re-train and, having survived the studying, exams,…

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Audiologist and Ear Care Specialist - RHAD MSHAA

With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, 27 of which were dedicated to working in the independent sector, Kevin has a wealth of expertise. He spent 10 of…

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Louise Brooks-Usher


Clinical Ear Care Practitioner - BSc (Hons), DipHE

Louise joined our expert team after her tenure in the NHS as an Operating Department Practitioner, Louise specialised in anaesthesia, working in neurosurgery, general surgery, maxillofacial, and neonatal care at…

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Madalene Lock

Practice Manager

Madalene bring a wealth of experience into her role as Practice Manager, before her tenure at Help in Hearing, she dedicated herself to supporting children and families as a Social Worker.

In her current role, Madalene serves as a crucial support link across the entire business, enabling her colleagues to provide optimal assistance to clients in their hearing journeys.

My role allows me to support colleagues across the whole business so in turn they can support clients to get the most from their hearing. I am a talker and personally prefer a good chat to a good book so love to stop and talk to clients in reception whenever I am passing!”

Madalene finds joy in the vocal harmonies of Folk Music, reflecting her appreciation for the diverse aspects of sound. Working alongside dedicated colleagues who share a commitment to the highest standards of hearing care and customer service is a source of fulfilment for Madalene.

“I love working with a mix of colleagues who are all so dedicated to the highest standards of hearing care and customer service.”


Patient Care Co-ordinator, Henley

Kinga has dedicated over six years to our clinic in Henley as our Patient Care Coordinator. Her journey began after experiencing life-changing hearing loss nine years ago, a personal challenge that ignited her passion for helping others.

Kinga’s own journey with digital hearing aids has not only restored her confidence but has also deepened her empathy for those facing similar challenges. She thrives on the opportunity to offer care, support, and valuable advice to the clinic’s patients, drawing from her own knowledge and experiences.

Among her favourite sounds, Kinga finds solace in the crisp crunch of autumn leaves underfoot and the rhythmic crash of waves onto the shore.

“I love talking with people and putting them at ease, either in person or on the phone. Our patients are at the forefront of what we do, I strive to exceed their expectations when they choose our clinic. Being the care support of their hearing journey is so rewarding.”


Admin Assistant and Receptionist, Farnham Common and Marlow

Natalya Knight joined us as an Apprentice Administrator in January 2021 and after successfully completed her Business Administration Apprenticeship with distinction, we were delighted that she decided to stay on as our Front of House Administrator. Natalya has three cats called Toffee, Tim and Toku, and when asked about her favourite sound, she said that the sound of them purring has always been top of her list.

“Patient care is so important to me. We’ve all had times where it’s felt like our need haven’t been adequately met, so I’ make it my duty to ensure all of our patients walk through our doors feeling welcomed, always leave feeling satisfied, and know that I’m always on the other end of the phone to give them the support that they need.


Before I started working at Help in Hearing, I truly didn’t realise how much of an impact sound really has on our lives, and it’s definitely something that we take for granted. Although my phone calls with patients may only take 5-10 minutes out of my day, when I get to meet patients who say their hearing aids have changed their lives, I know that those few minutes on the phone have helped them get to that stage.”

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