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Dr Chloe Scott - Help in Hearing Audiologist

Audiologist, Farnham Common

After more than a decade working in mental health, for the NHS and privately, Chloe moved into audiology in 2016.  Throughout her career the key principles of carefully listening to people; hearing their concerns; assessing what can be done to help, and formulating a plan have been a driving force.  Within audiology this leads to carefully chosen hearing solutions and a collaborative approach to working with individuals to get the best for their hearing. Most recently Chloe has been working with our colleagues at Aston Hearing but has previously worked with different high street audiology services and in both domiciliary and clinic settings leading to a wealth of experience.  One of the things Chloe enjoys about being a hearing aid audiologist is watching the growth or restoration of confidence when she can help with their hearing. She says “Listening to someone tell you about special moments that have been enjoyed and shared makes me smile. Often you see that joy ripple out throughout a patient’s family. Everyone benefits.”

One of Chloe’s favourite sounds is a traditional music box. “There’s something ethereal and heart-warmingly old-fashioned about the tiny tune, often alongside a slowly twirling ballerina or a gently moving soft toy”.

Hearing Consultant

Hearing Aid Selection

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