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Ear Wax Management

Ear wax removal and ear care

We explain what ear wax is, what it does and what to do if it causes you a problem.

What is ear wax?

Ear wax or Cerumen is the normal secretion of glands that are positioned just at the entrance of the ear canal under the skin. It creates a protective layer over the skin of the ear canal and is believed to provide anti-bacterial qualities. Ear wax can be sticky and wet in nature, or dry and flaky. It is perfectly normal to have a small amount of wax in the ear canal and it must not be presumed to be ‘dirty’.

How to clean your ears

NEVER put anything smaller than your elbow into your ears, we have all heard this warning before and it is important to take note of this. Do NOT use cotton buds to clean your ears as severe injuries can occur to the wall of the ear canals or to the ear drum. Ears are self cleansing and are designed for wax and skin debris to migrate outwards therefore it is not necessary to attempt to remove ear wax yourself. Ear wax removal is only necessary when there is an accumulation of wax which may impair your hearing, if it causes discomfort or if it causes your hearing aid to whistle.

Ear wax removal at Help in Hearing

At Help in Hearing we can remove ear wax using microsuction, irrigation (water) or if possible, “dry removal” using a small probe. Which method we use will depend on your specific history and appropriate to the condition of the ear, which we will ascertain whilst you are attending your Ear Care Appointment. If you suffer from excessive ear wax problems or suspect that you may need to have your ears cleared of wax, give us a call or email through our appointment request page to arrange an “Ear Care” appointment.

Ear wax microsuction

We recommend that ear wax is removed using microsuction, a method that is safe and efficient. No GP referral is needed and our audiologists wear full PPE to carry out the procedure and the rooms are disinfected between appointments. The cost is £75. Find out more on our Ear Wax Microsuction page.

Ear wax microsuction
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