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Louise Brooks-Usher

ENT trained Ear Care Specialist, Farnham Common

Louise joined our expert team after her tenure in the NHS as an Operating Department Practitioner, Louise specialised in anaesthesia, working in neurosurgery, general surgery, maxillofacial, and neonatal care at John Radcliffe Hospital.

Passionate about healthcare and people, Louise loves the one-on-one interactions with clients, establishing rapport, and supporting them on their hearing journey.

“I have always loved working with people in the health care setting. I have found a new passion in providing clinical excellence in holistic ear care and supporting clients on their hearing journey.”

Beyond her professional life, Louise finds joy in nature remarking that  her favourite sound is that of horses on a crisp morning. Excited about developing her skills, she looks forward to contributing to Help in Hearing’s success in the years ahead.

“I love working one to one with clients, establishing a good rapport and supporting client’s in improving their lives. I am really looking forward to developing my skills and gaining new ones over the coming years with Help in Hearing.”

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