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Phonak Audéo Marvel™ Hearing Aids

Love at first sound

Phonak have introduced a new hearing aid known as Marvel and it is proving to be very popular with all our clients, as Pat has commented below. Marvel focuses on a first-class experience, with a clear, rich sound, even in the most challenging environments. Phonak say it is a “new generation marvellous piece of technology, offering better speech understanding and reduced listening effort in noise.”

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Phonak Marvel hearing aids
Enjoy true hands-free phone calls with the Phonak Marvel hearing aid

Hands-free calls

Enjoy true hands-free calls with built-in microphones that pick up your voice. Answer or reject a call with a simple push of the button, even if your phone is across the room. In addition, you can even set your phone notifications to be heard through your Marvel hearing aids.

Remote support

With the myPhonak app, you get access to remote support services. Your hearing care professional can support you and adjust your hearing aids remotely in real-time. Like this you always get the best out of your Marvel hearing aids.

Airstream technology

Combined with Bluetooth, Marvel also features Airstream technology for streaming from any TV and stereo system, using a simple plug and play solution called the Phonak TV Connector. It is just like using wireless headphones, but the aids distinguish between streamed speech and music signals and automatically adjust to give sound quality optimisation.

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What our client says

There is never a better advocate for a new product than an existing wearer. One of clients who has been wearing hearing aids for many years has recently been fitted with the new Audéo Marvel aids by Phonak, unveiled at our Technology Days. She says:

“I am delighted with my new Phonak Marvel hearing aids. They charge overnight and give me better hearing than ever before. They are better in places where there is much background noise like restaurants – I can still hear people speaking who are near me. On an overnight charge they last up to 24 hours before needing a recharge. I have worn privately supplied hearing aids for many years, but these are by far the best for my present hearing disability. They are good for the TV and radio – I don’t need the sound deafening others in the room. I can even hear the birds!”

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What our client says about Phonak Marvel
Rechargeable battery technology

Rechargeable battery technology

Marvel also has powerful rechargeable battery technology with smartphone and TV connectivity. Unlike any other hearing aid, it can connect directly to IOS or Android smartphones, or other Bluetooth enabled phones, to stream any kind of audio to your ears. You can enjoy true hands-free phone calls with built-in microphones that pick up your voice.

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We mentioned in our recent Technology Day review about the advent of tele-audiology. Using the myPhonak app you can share information with Selma or Kevin so that the aids can make a quick adjustment without having to visit the practice – even though they do stress the importance of full follow-up appointments.

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Watch the video

Audéo Marvel is available in 5 models including the non-rechargeable option. There are 9 colours to choose from including Sandalwood, Champagne and Alpine White, as well as the more traditional Silver and Graphite Gray. If you would like to find out more, please do call or email us.

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Phonak Marvel - where to find out more

The Phonak Marvel hearing aid is now available at Help in Hearing. If you’d like to find out more, please give us a ring on 0345 222 0579 or fill in our contact form online.

Try the Phonak Marvel at our March Technology Trial

Throughout March 2019, we are giving you the chance to come and try out the latest in hearing aid technology, including the Phonak Marvel, at our March Technology Trial. Visit the March Technology Trial web page for more details of this and how to book.


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