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Hearing Aid Recycling

We are delighted to be supporting Hearing Aid Recycling (HAR), a British sustainability led organisation that has set up a network of 1100 collection centres around the country, including our Farnham Common clinic, to take delivery of all hearing aids that are no longer needed, so they don’t end up as landfill!

Horizon Vestibular

We are proud to collaborate with Horizon Vestibular, a team of specialists dedicated to assisting individuals with neurological conditions and mobility challenges, including those related to vestibular issues. These issues often stem from problems within the auditory system

Marlow Chamber of Commerce

We are proud to support local endeavours, and as such we have become members of the Chamber of Commerce, with audiologists Kevin Jeffery and Vikki Sahdra both delivering talks to the chamber in 2023.


We have direct partnerships with leading hearing aid manufacturers and invest in training and expertise for our audiology team to stay proficient in a wide spectrum of hearing aid technologies and accessories.

Our access to the latest hearing aid models and styles allows us to make unbiased recommendations tailored to your specific hearing needs. Unlike national chain stores often constrained by corporate purchasing policies, we remain independent from any manufacturer influence. Our recommendations prioritise your hearing improvement.


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