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Press and broadcast coverage

Occasionally we are featured in the press or on broadcast media. Take a look at our recent coverage here.

Bucks Free Press news story

Bucks Free Press coverage

British Tinnitus Association gives Marlow based support group “Gold Standard” status

The Bucks Free Press recently featured our story about being awarded Gold Standard for our Marlow and Farnham Common Tinnitus Support Group.

Read the entire news story here.

Please click to learn more about our Tinnitus Support Group and see details of future events.


Selma interviewed on Marlow FM

Listen to Selma's interview on Marlow FM

Chris Zaremba’s Mid Morning Matters Show

Selma and Paul Lamb, Technical Director at Starkey Hearing, were interviewed by Chris Zaremba on Marlow FM’s Mid-Morning Matters show recently. Selma and Paul talked about changes people can experience in their hearing, the latest hearing technology and about the Hearing Health event we are holding at the Marlow Club on October 3rd. There was also a phone-in where listeners called in with questions about their hearing.

Please click the image on the left to listen to the interview playback. A new browser tab will open and you will see the MP3 player control where you can pause and resume the playing of the audio as you wish.

This interview recording has been reproduced from a live broadcast and with the permission of Marlow FM.


Marlow FM

Mid Morning Matters Show

Our principal audiologist, Kevin Jeffery and Help in Hearing co-founder, Jeremy Parker, were interviewed recently on the Mid Morning Matters show on Marlow FM. Listen to what they had to say here.

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