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Audiologist and Ear Care Specialist

The phrase: being in the right (or wrong!) place at the right time would apply to my life in the field of Audiology.

Being in a band (not a very good one!), I became good friends with Selma in my late teens, a friendship which has endured all and cemented a long standing “True Friend”.

I subsequently trained as a hearing aid audiologist when I was 21 and was one of the youngest in the country when I qualified (not the case now!). Working in Kent originally I then moved to the medical district in London’s West End, where I worked for many years and still look after many clients with whom I have developed a long term professional relationship. I started working with Selma again in 2007 in Farnham Common and Marlow and, now some 22+ years later (I won’t be too specific!) I am still working in the field and am very proud of the many hundreds of people I have been able to help and assist with all aspects of my role.

Our field of work is fascinating as the technology not only moves on relentlessly but also my role within the industry also cements, yet still develops. One of the advantages of working in an independent practice is being able to expand one’s knowledge to help each person as an individual with what would suit them, NOT what suits the company. It also allows us at Help in Hearing to have the freedom of choice to ensure best possible results for our clients.

I also believe that with hearing loss, it is important to recognise that many of the adverts would appear to suggest these “Miracles of Technology” would allow everyone to have normal hearing again. In some cases this can be correct. In others not. This is not just to do with the degree or severity of loss. As your “Ear Man”, as I have come to be known, it is important we both recognise what will and won’t be achieved and this helps with strategies as to what type and also brand of aid would be appropriate.

Outside work, I have various interests, I still play and compose music (but still not very good!), aviation, cooking, fishing and sometimes all of them in one day followed by an afternoon nap!

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