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Tinnitus Support Group

for Marlow & Farnham Common

Registered Tinnitus Support GroupIt is estimated that Tinnitus effects 250 million people worldwide, with over 6 million estimated to suffer in the UK. If you are suffering from tinnitus you are not alone. All too often people are told there is nothing one can do about the condition but this is not the case. At Help in Hearing we offer full tinnitus assessments and a structured tinnitus counselling programme. Says audiologist Selma Becker: “We use various techniques and devices to help sufferers manage and live with tinnitus including sound therapy and masking or aids which not only enhance hearing but offer sound relaxation.” For this reason, Help in Hearing’s Practice Manager, Gilly Wright, has recently set up a new support group for local people with tinnitus in Marlow and Farnham Common.

A launch event of the tinnitus support group, featuring a talk by BTA Chief Executive David Stockdale and guest speaker Jono Heale took place in January 2018 at Help In Hearing’s Marlow practice in Glade Road. Dates of future tinnitus support group events are shown below and we will also announce these on Facebook and Twitter.

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Spotify playlist for tinnitus relief

There is now a British Tinnitus Association (BTA) Spotify playlist to help relieve tinnitus. Find out about this and a link to listen to the playlist on our blog page.

Tinnitus Support Group - Future Dates

JULY 2019

Thursday July 11th 2019

Refreshments 6:00pm; Talk 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Help in Hearing, Cedar House, Glade Road, Marlow SL7 1DQ (free parking on site)

Vedic Meditation

Joanna Hannam from Find your Smile is joining us to demonstrate Vedic Meditation, a really easy technique that quickly removes stress and tiredness from the body – both of which are key factors in the frequency and severity of Tinnitus. Joanna will talk about the impact of stress on the body, how this meditation works and how it differs from other techniques – the key difference being that thinking is good! Joanna will walk you through some simple relaxation exercises that can help in moments of high stress and will provide details of her meditation course.


Tuesday September 17th 2019

6:00pm - 8:00pm

Help in Hearing, Cedar House, Glade Road, Marlow SL7 1DQ (free parking on site)

Share your tinnitus story

Everyone is welcome to bring and share their tinnitus story to this event. All the members of the group have had different experiences and this is an opportunity to exchange ideas of how to manage tinnitus and to hear all about the varied journeys and pathways that our members have taken.

Tinnitus Support Group - more information

Read about our Tinnitus Support Group launch event here.

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Visit our “Tinnitus Management” page to find out some of the ways we can help manage tinnitus.

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British Tinnitus Association Corporate MemberBritish Tinnitus Association Registered Tinnitus Support Group

Help in Hearing is a corporate member of the British Tinnitus Association (BTA). The Tinnitus Support Group for Marlow & Farnham Common is recognised by the BTA as a registered tinnitus support group.