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See how hearing changes lives

The world around you springs to life when your hearing is restored

Watch these video testimonials and listen to our patients to see how their lives have changed, how their confidence has been restored and the positive effect it has on relationships with friends, families and work colleagues.

Julia Freeman

“I’ve never looked back”

Julia Freeman

Chris Calvert

“With Help In Hearing – You Get the Whole Package”

Chris Calvert

Kent Pietsch

“You’re Part of the Family When you Choose Help In Hearing”

Kent Pietsche

Shelly Lewis

“Help In Hearing… They’re Just… Brilliant!”

Shelly Lewis

Yvonne Cooke

“Help In Hearing are Incredibly Helpful and Understanding”

Yvonne Cooke

Janet James

“Janet James experienced hearing loss from a very young age. As her hearing deteriorated she turned to Help in Hearing. “

13 years on Janet looks back and recalls that her decision to visit Selma and discuss her problems was…

“The Best Thing I Ever Did!”

Janet James talks about the unfortunate stigma associated with hearing aids. Glasses for poor and failing sight are taken for granted and widely accepted, so why aren’t hearing aids treated in the same way?

Janet wants more people to shout about using hearing aids to overcome the preconceptions people have about hearing and the people who wear them.

Janet James recalls her experiences in meetings and crowded rooms and how conversations have really changed. “I used to lose out on what was being said, missed key words and smiled at the wrong times.”

Now any conversation is enjoyable and Janet feels comfortable and confident in personal and business environments.

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