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March hearing technology trial

March Technology Trial

Make the month of March memorable and trial the latest hearing technology

Throughout March we are offering you the opportunity to personally trial the latest hearing aid technology.

Try the new hearing technology throughout March

At our Technology Days in November we unveiled a host of new hearing aid advances. In case you were unable to attend our events, or have not been able to visit us again since, we thought we would turn March into a memorable month when you can test out the options and, with our help, see what would suit you best.

Trial the latest hearing technologyAdvice on the right hearing solution for you

The wealth of choice is almost overwhelming, so our role as independent hearing consultants is to help guide you to the most appropriate solution. Even the best technology needs the support and experience of a healthcare professional, to ensure the most successful outcome for your individual hearing needs. With our dedicated ongoing aftercare, we guarantee that whatever choice is made, it is the right one for you.

New hearing products available to try

Book now and you can choose from the new generation Marvel by Phonak which offers true hands-free calls, or the new-look slimline Styletto hearwear by Sivantos. Then there’s the new custom Oticon OPN aid that uses an app to monitor your health and the Starkey Livio device which has a foreign language translation facility, plus motion sensors to monitor falls.

Book your dedicated free trial appointment now

Book any time in March to trial this new aid technology in our Farnham Common or Marlow hearing clinics. Call our Freephone number to make an appointment: 0345 222 0579

We look forward to hearing from you.

Enhance your hearing, life is worth listening to

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