• Independent audiologists provide better care

    New Research: Independent Audiologists Provide Better Care

    A new study commissioned by Phonak and carried out by RDSi, an independent market research consultancy, shows that independent hearing specialists provide better treatment than national chains and the NHS. The report outlines that independent audiologists enable people with hearing difficulties to discuss their problems confidentially and receive unbiased advice and extended care solutions not found in national retail chains or NHS.

    The study surveyed 360 hearing aid users and shows that 63% of the consumers surveyed selected independent hearing clinics after looking at NHS and national chains.

    Independent audiologists provide services not found elsewhere, such as:

    • Aftercare service
    • Independent and wide choice of hearing technology
    • Convenient location
    • Quality of service and knowledge
    • Not sales driven

    The survey also found that on average, people experienced hearing difficulties for 4 years before visiting an audiologist, delays which can cause serious degradation to hearing problems.

    Please click to read the full independent audiologist research report

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