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Do I need ear wax removal?

What is ear wax? Ear wax is a natural secretion found in the ear. It helps to keep the ear canal lubricated while protecting the ears against dirt, dust and bacteria. Without a certain amount of ear wax, the ears will become dry and increasingly prone to infection. Wax or cerumen, as it is medically […]

Spirit of the Rainbow Talk

A brief write-up of our August 6th Tinnitus Support Group Event where we discussed alternative methods of tinnitus management. A big thank you to Julia Walters and Karen Fielding,  from the Spirit of the Rainbow in Princes Risborough, for a very interesting talk on singing bowls, crystals and other holistic therapies at our Marlow Tinnitus […]

Hearing loss myths debunked

Hearing loss can be devastating for anyone that experiences it, as well as their loved ones. However, hearing loss does not have to be as damaging to the quality of life as it once was, thanks to the many technological advancements that have been made. If you or someone you love is suffering from hearing […]

Taming Tinnitus with Hypnotherapy

Master Hypnotist Bret Freeman was a guest speaker at our recent Tinnitus Support Group event and has written us an article, “Taming tinnitus with hypnotherapy,” about how hypnotherapy can help tinnitus. Read the article below, where you’ll also see Bret has a special offer for Help in Hearing clients. Taming tinnitus with hypnotherapy For many, tinnitus […]

Help in Hearing Online Newsletter – Launch Competition Winner

In Spring 2018 we launched our new ‘Help in Hearing Online Newsletter’, with sections for: News Events Feedback Advice New Products You can view the Spring edition here and the winner is… Our launch issue included a free to enter competition to win a Harmon-Kardon SoundSticks III, 2.1-channel multimedia sound system and we’re pleased to announce […]



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