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Phonak Roger Select

Our hearing is very individual. Some of us like sounds to be loud, some prefer things to be quieter, some prefer listening to music while others prefer listening to bird song. Hearing loss presents individual challenges to each client, depending on where it is most important to be able to hear well. In this article […]

Marlow FM interview

Earlier this month, Selma and Paul Lamb, Technical Director at Starkey Hearing, were interviewed by Chris Zaremba on Marlow FM’s Mid-Morning Matters show. Selma and Paul talked about changes people can experience in their hearing, the latest hearing technology and about the Hearing Health event we are holding at the Marlow Club on October 3rd. […]

Wendy holding private hearing clinics at Spire Hospital

Our new audiologist, Wendy Davies, is now holding private hearing clinics on Monday afternoons at the Thames Valley Spire Hospital in Wexham. Wendy will be working closely with ENT Consultants at the Spire Hospital, offering hearing tests and tympanometry. She is now recognised by all the main insurance companies and can see privately insured patients […]

Summer Hearing Health Tips

With the summer months approaching, our thoughts go to holidays, working in the garden and if the weather holds maybe some outdoor theatre and concerts. That means it is also time to think about our summer hearing health. Here are some of our summer hearing health tips. Holidays Your hearing aid accessories are vital parts […]

March Technology Trial

Make the month of March memorable and trial the latest hearing technology Throughout March we are offering you the opportunity to personally trial the latest hearing aid technology. Try the new hearing technology throughout March At our Technology Days in November we unveiled a host of new hearing aid advances. In case you were unable […]

Free Hearing Care Week

April 1st – 5th, 2019 9:00am – 5:00pm by appointment only Call freephone 0345 222 0579 to book an appointment. For the first week in April we are offering free hearing tests and ear health checks for any friends and family who book in with our new Audiologist, Wendy Davies. Wendy will also be at […]

Look after yourself properly and your tinnitus will take care of itself

Craniosacral therapy for tinnitus – a positive tinnitus story In November we invited Julian Cowan Hill to our Tinnitus Support Group to give a talk on his tinnitus experience. He is a Craniosacral Therapist, Psychotherapist, Tinnitus Counsellor and author of A Positive Tinnitus Story, Tinnitus, From Tyrant to Friend and The Long Tide to Silence. Julian was […]

Technology Days Video Footage

In November 2018 we held events at South Buckinghamshire Golf Club in Stoke Poges and the Harleyford Golf Club in Marlow. At the events, seven hearing aid manufacturers presented the latest innovations in hearing aid technology. This short video shows footage from the two days. We’d like to thank everyone who attended the days and […]

What are the different styles of hearing aids available?

If you’re considering hearing aids, you may find the different types confusing. In this blog post, you can discover more about the different styles of hearing aids available today. Totally invisible The Phonak Lyric is the world’s first 100% invisible hearing aid. It is placed entirely inside your ear canal by a trained audiologist, remaining […]

How to drive safely with hearing loss – top tips revealed

While the sense of sight is the most important aspect when driving, the sense of hearing is equally helpful. It helps you hear the raucous horn of an irritated driver, detect approaching emergency vehicles, or even remind you that your indicators are on. People with hearing loss do not drive any more dangerously than other drivers. […]

Hearing Technology Days

Exhibition and talks by the UK’s leading hearing suppliers at our hearing technology days in November Join us for an exhibition of multi-functional hearing aids.  Hear about exciting new developments including: Automatic foreign language translation facility Remote contact with your audiologist Health and fitness tracking on mobile apps Aids that recharge in seconds & last […]

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