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Help in Hearing Support Atlantic Expedition for Dementia

We are delighted to announce that we are one of the sponsors of Forget Me Knot, an independent Atlantic expedition to raise money for Dementia UK. In January 2022 the crew will cross nearly 4,000- miles of the Atlantic Ocean from Portugal to French Guiana, aiming to break two World Records and raise £100,000. Rowing […]

Covid Restrictions still in place in Healthcare Settings

We are delighted to hear that Public Health England’s infection prevention control guidelines and hospital visiting guidance are set to remain in place for all staff and visitors  across all health services. Staff, patients and visitors will also be expected to continue to follow social distancing rules when visiting any healthcare setting as well as using […]

Enjoy a Summer Of Sound

Summer is a perfect season to experience the vivid world of sound – such as children playing on the beach, birds singing in the trees, or the sizzle of a family BBQ. So, the team at  Help in Hearing have come up with some top tips to ensure you can enjoy a summer of sound […]

Local Litter Pick venture for the Team

You may have noticed the girls from Help in Hearing out Litter Picking locally. As we drive to work every day, we have noticed increased rubbish tipping around the Beeches and the edge of Farnham Common village. So, armed with some long arm grabbers and sturdy bin bags, on 13th May we put on our […]

TV Streaming Demonstrations in our Clinics and Special Offer!

Over the last year, TV watching has of course been at the top of the list of things to do. If you have had any problems hearing the TV with your hearing aids, you might like to book in for a one-to-one streaming workshop in our clinic rooms? Selma, Kevin and Wendy can demonstrate how […]

Successful Virtual Hearing Event

  In March we held our first ever Virtual Hearing Event. At Help in Hearing, we know the past year has been hard, especially for those with hearing loss and we were delighted so many of you were able to join our Zoom webinar. Conversations, communication and socialising are fundamental to our overall health and wellbeing, […]

Tinnitus Awareness Week

Tinnitus Week 2021 will run from 1st  to 7th of February and will tackle the issues of accessing treatment and support from GP’s.  At the end of March 2020 the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) published new guidance for GP’s on how to support patients with Tinnitus. However the British Tinnitus Association […]

Recycling Hearing Aids

The World Health Organization (WHO) state that around 466million people worldwide have a disabling hearing loss and 34 million of these are children. In the UK, those with hearing loss are easily able to access hearing health care and hearing aids but 80% of people with hearing loss live in low or middle income countries […]

Countdown to Christmas……Kevin’s Favourite Recipe

With Christmas round the corner we thought we would share a favourite festive recipe with you. Our audiologist Kevin Jeffery (seen here sporting a brussel sprout shirt) loves to cook and he is kindly sharing with us his special recipe for Chestnut Stuffing! Kev’s Chestnut Stuffing This was my Mum’s recipe at Christmas. It was […]

Super Charged for Christmas

Don’t miss out on those magic moments – consider rechargeable hearing aids for Christmas!  Rechargeable hearing aids remove the need to remember to take spares with you wherever you go for regular battery changes.  Like all electronic devices, hearing aids need a power source to run them. Traditionally this has been a small cell style […]
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Tips for Enjoying Christmas with a hearing loss

Christmas is fast approaching and most of us have started to think about shopping and festive preparations. Although this year will be a little different to normal due to COVID restrictions, we do not want hearing loss to interfere with enjoying your day. Here are a few tips to ensure you have a Happy Christmas: […]
Hearing Health Event October, Marlow

World Diabetes Day

World Diabetes Day (WDD) was created in 1991 by the International Diabetes federation and the World Health Organization, in response to growing concerns about the escalating health threat posed by diabetes. Some researchers believe the presence of diabetes could contribute to hearing loss. At Help in Hearing, we encourage those with diabetes to include a […]

Zoom Audiology Working Well

No doubt many of you may be a little “zoomed” out with the lockdown madness of “meeting” friends and family online. However, both the Zoom and Facetime facility have become a very useful tool for communicating with clients, during lockdown and since. We have “met” a number of new clients online and our existing clients […]

Let’s Talk Chatable

There has been a lot of interest around the new Chatable app which dampens down background noise in complex listening situations. It can be downloaded either through the app store for Apple products or google play for Android phones. Designed for daily use in social places, the App can pair with any Bluetooth hearing aid or it can […]

New Consulting Room in Farnham Common

We are delighted to announce that our Farnham Common practice is expanding. Demand has increased so much in recent months that we will be running a dedicated ear wax microsuction clinic in our existing room. Selma will have a new Consulting Room at the back of Southmead Clinic, with a lovely garden view and Wendy […]

Paradise – The Wonder of Sound

Our audiologists recently attended the online launch of the new Phonak hearing aid, Paradise. Seen here are Wendy and Selma getting into the theme while watching the presentation which linked keynote speakers from all over the world. Phonak say that  the rechargeable Audeo Paradise gives wearers exactly what a hearing aid should. It offers great sound […]

Patient Safety Day

The World Health Organisation (WHO) held Patient Safety Day on 17th September 2020 to raise global awareness about the importance of addressing health worker safety as a prerequisite to patient safety. Their message is “Safe health worker, safe patients”. At Help in Hearing we take our safety and that of our clients very seriously. We […]

Global Handwashing Day October 15th

Help in hearing is supporting Global Handwashing Day! As we know, handwashing is an important part of preventing diseases and one of the key Covid19 precautions.  At Help in hearing we are seeing clients under strict guidelines. Take a look at our Covid19 policy or call us on 0345 222 0579  #handwashing #hearinghealth #healthandsafety  

Remember, dry hearing aids work best

It’s a good idea to keep your hearing aids as dry and clean as possible all year round. All electronic devices are vulnerable to humidity and water.  At Help in Hearing we have a range of options for storing and drying your aid at night so that any moisture they may have collected during the […]

Wearing a Mask with a Hearing Aid

As it is now compulsory  to wear face coverings when entering shops and supermarkets in England, we are not surprised that hearing aid wearers are having a tough time. Not only is lipreading impossible but if the aid sits behind the ear, you risk losing your aid when you take the mask off, as it […]

An App for everything – even Hearing Aids

An App of mobile application is software designed to work on a Smart Phone or tablet. These days there is an App for almost everything – including hearing aids. All hearing aid manufacturers provide an App, which are usually free of charge, for their range of hearing aids. The Apps are either updated, or a […]
Valentine's Day Special Offer

How can a TV Streamer help my hearing?

At Help in Hearing we able to provide a range of TV streamers that work with your hearing aids to improve the quality of sound from the television. So why do we need streamers and how do they work? Here we are focusing on the latest Bluetooth technology. If your hearing aids do not have […]

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