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How to drive safely with hearing loss – top tips revealed

While the sense of sight is the most important aspect when driving, the sense of hearing is equally helpful. It helps you hear the raucous horn of an irritated driver, detect approaching emergency vehicles, or even remind you that your indicators are on. People with hearing loss do not drive any more dangerously than other drivers. […]

Hearing Technology Days

Exhibition and talks by the UK’s leading hearing suppliers at our hearing technology days in November Join us for an exhibition of multi-functional hearing aids.  Hear about exciting new developments including: Automatic foreign language translation facility Remote contact with your audiologist Health and fitness tracking on mobile apps Aids that recharge in seconds & last […]

Mindfulness Therapy for Tinnitus

Last night’s Mindfulness for Wellbeing workshop at the Marlow BTA Tinnitus Support Group was very well attended. Held at Help in Hearing’s Marlow practice in Glade Road, the event was presented by Costas Lambropoulos and Dr Charlotte Morris from Paron Mindfulness and also discussed the suitability of mindfulness therapy for tinnitus. The workshop took us […]

Can mindfulness help tinnitus?

We have invited local MBCT company Paron Mindfulness to run a workshop at our Marlow Tinnitus Support Group on October 15th. To give you an insight into the benefits of mindfulness, Costas Lambropoulos and Dr Charlotte Morris have written this exclusive guest editorial especially for our clients. Can mindfulness help your tinnitus? Living with a […]

Do I need ear wax removal?

What is ear wax? Ear wax is a natural secretion found in the ear. It helps to keep the ear canal lubricated while protecting the ears against dirt, dust and bacteria. Without a certain amount of ear wax, the ears will become dry and increasingly prone to infection. Wax or cerumen, as it is medically […]

Spirit of the Rainbow Talk

A brief write-up of our August 6th Tinnitus Support Group Event where we discussed alternative methods of tinnitus management. A big thank you to Julia Walters and Karen Fielding,  from the Spirit of the Rainbow in Princes Risborough, for a very interesting talk on singing bowls, crystals and other holistic therapies at our Marlow Tinnitus […]



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