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Help in Hearing Online Newsletter – Launch Competition Winner

In Spring 2018 we launched our new ‘Help in Hearing Online Newsletter’, with sections for: News Events Feedback Advice New Products You can view the Spring edition here and the winner is… Our launch issue included a free to enter competition to win a Harmon-Kardon SoundSticks III, 2.1-channel multimedia sound system and we’re pleased to announce […]

What are cochlear implants?

About cochlear implants Cochlear implants can provide viable hearing alternatives to anybody who doesn’t benefit from typical hearing aids. They consist of a receiver which is implanted in the mastoid bone, behind the ear and electrodes which are implanted into the cochlea (inner ear). The microphone and speech processor are located externally and they convert […]

Tinnitus and how to treat it

At Help in Hearing, we provide superior consultancy, advice, and support to enable our clients to get on top of any hearing issues they’re experiencing, and we find that lots of the people that come to us do so because they’re affected by one condition in particular: tinnitus.   Causing individuals to hear certain sounds that […]



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