• An App for everything – even Hearing Aids

    An App of mobile application is software designed to work on a Smart Phone or tablet. These days there is an App for almost everything – including hearing aids.

    All hearing aid manufacturers provide an App, which are usually free of charge, for their range of hearing aids. The Apps are either updated, or a new one created, when the manufacturer releases new hearing aid technology.

    The main function of a hearing aid App is to work as a remote control to adjust the hearing aid volume, to change the program, or to start streaming to another device such as a TV streamer.

    The App will adjust the volume of both hearing aids at the same time and is an easy and discreet way to make adjustments. Firstly, you can see the changes you make to volume  without having to find the control on the hearing aid behind/in your ear and secondly, everyone will assume you are using your phone and will not guess you are actually adjusting your aids.

    To install an App on your Smart phone, go to the Apple or Google store depending whether your phone is iPhone of an Android. Check which App you require. The name of the App may be in your hearing aid instruction book, if not give us a call and we will advise you.

    Download the App and follow the instructions to pair the App with your hearing aids. You only need to pair them the first time, after that they will automatically connect to the App when you open it.

    Most of the Apps have more functions that changing the volume and program.

    Refer to out How To Guides https://www.helpinhearing.co.uk/how-to-guides/  for detailed steps  on pairing your hearing aids.

    Remote Microphone*

    This setting allows your phone to act as a remote microphone. This can be useful in groups, at meetings or listening to lectures. Activate the remote microphone setting in the App, give your phone to the person you want to listen to and their voice will be streamed directly into your hearing aids.

    (*Hearing aid and phone dependent)

    Battery Level

    The App will display the battery status of your hearing aids letting you know if the battery needs to be replaced/charged

    Find My Hearing Aid*

    If you lose your hearing aid, this clever feature will show you on a map where your hearing aids last connect to your App and possible where you lost it. (*Hearing aid and phone dependent)

    Hearing Fitness

    The App records the amount of conversation you partake in through the day. It can also show the listening environments and the amount of noise you have experienced

    Fall Alert*

    This feature uses sensors in the hearing aid to detect if you have fallen. It triggers an alert to family of friends to notify them that assistance is required.

    Sound Adjustment

    Several Apps allow the adjustment of the overall sound quality of your hearing aid. This allows you to make some fine-tuning adjustments in different situations such as adjusting the noise level or adjusting high frequencies.

    For more information about Apps, please call us on 0345 222 0579 or fill in our online contact form.

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