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Hearing Facts

Hearing Facts and Statistics

Hearing loss experienced by 1 in 6 people

Hearing Loss in the UK

It is estimated that one in six people of the population in the UK have a hearing loss and people fail to address the problem on average for up to ten years. That figure equates to 10 million people having a hearing loss, approximately 6.4 million are of retirement age and 3.6 million are of working age.

2 million people wear hearing aids

Just 2 million people wear hearing aids but only 1.4 million use them regularly. Around 6.7 million people could benefit from hearing correction.

Hearing loss experienced by 1 in 6 people

Don't ignore your hearing loss

By addressing a hearing loss early you ensure ongoing stimulation of the cognitive functions, allowing the brain to keep engaged, maintaining good memory and communication skills, therefore continuing with an active and full lifestyle.

Have an annual hearing test

Our hearing health should be equally as important as eye checks, dental checks and hearing checks and should become the norm from a very early age. We at Help in Hearing advise that hearing tests should be carried out regularly from early childhood through to our senior years.

Managing Hearing Health

Book a hearing test

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