• Help in Hearing Support Atlantic Expedition for Dementia

    Only three weeks to go before the Forget Me Knot expedition leaves the UK. As one of the sponsors of Forget Me Knot, an independent Atlantic expedition to raise money for Dementia UK we wish them all the best with their amazing venture! In January 2022 the crew will cross nearly 4,000- miles of the Atlantic Ocean from Portugal to French Guiana, aiming to break two World Records and raise £100,000.

    Rowing 24hrs in all weather and high seas, the expedition will be long and gruelling – but not in comparison to the daily challenges faced by many dementia carers. Leading the team is Johnnie Ball whose dad died three years ago, following a 15-year battle with dementia.  Having seen the pain dementia brings to families, Johnnie and two friends decided to embark on a mission to raise awareness and funding to help others facing a similar ordeal. 

    700,000 families in the UK care for people with dementia. The relentless demands of care commonly lead to depression and mental health problems, but few carers seek support. Crewman Johnnie saw the anguish that dementia brings to the patient and carer alike over the 15-year period that his dad suffered from the disease. The family watched as his mum and dad went through a nearly two -decade ordeal. Hundreds of thousands of carers have similar stories to tell and the Forget Me Knot campaign to row an ocean will help fundraising efforts to ensure they don’t have to go through it alone.

    Help in Hearing have decided to support this wonderful cause as there is such a significant link between hearing loss and the risk of developing dementia.

    Difficulty hearing speech risk factor for dementia – another new study published 

    Research has shown that assisting hearing difficulties in mid life could help a person maintain their brain function as they get older and might also reduce their risk of dementia. Published on 21st July, a new study led by University of Oxford researchers on over 82,000 participants has shown that difficulty hearing spoken conversations is associated with up to 91% increased risk of dementia. This study was featured on the Today programme. If anyone is interested in catching up on the story here is a link – skip forward to 2hrs55 mins (last 5 minutes of the show).

    To support the Forget Me Knot row for Dementia, we have become a 500 Club member and you could too! If anyone in your family has been affected by Dementia or you know someone that has, why not take a look at the expedition website to find out more!




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