• Love your ears this Valentine's Day

    Show someone with hearing loss that you love them this Valentine’s Day

    Is someone you love experiencing hearing loss?

    Across the UK, one in six adults are affected by hearing loss, so many of us will know someone who is noticing some changes in their hearing.

    In most cases, hearing loss occurs slowly. We are not immediately aware of it but gradually we notice that we need to ask friends and family to repeat conversations, or we are told that the television is far too loud for others’ comfort.

    Asking friends to repeat themselves?

    As our hearing difficulties become more noticeable, we may start to feel uncomfortable in social situations because we need to keep asking our friends to repeat themselves. We stop going to meetings and avoid those social situations that may be difficult due to our hearing.

    The result? We are not living life to the full!

    Hearing loss can be managed with the latest hearing aids and accessories. The first step is to book for a hearing test and consultation.

    “Love your ears” promotion

    To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we are holding a “Love Your Ears” promotion for a free hearing test and consultation with Wendy for the week leading up to February 14th. To book, call us on 0345 222 0579 or fill in our online contact form.

    This Valentine’s Day, show your friends and family that you care by saying those three special little words: “Help in Hearing.

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