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  • Hearing protection tips

    Tips to protect your hearing

    Our hearing is extremely sensitive and if it is mistreated, many people find themselves suffering from impaired hearing loss. Loud noises, dirt and infection as well as a number of coinciding elements can all become factors. Read this article to learn how you can improve your hearing protection.

    Here at Help in Hearing, we offer only the most sophisticated and thorough hearing tests and hearing aid devices to our customers in Slough, Maidenhead, Marlow and the surrounding areas.

    We understand that many people have busy lives and that regular hearing tests may not be one of their main priorities. But, by having regular check-ups you can address any problems or potential problems with your hearing.

    Hearing protection – what can you do to protect your hearing from damage?

    1. Turn it Down

    Music, mp3s and portable devices are often the main cause as to why many people suffer from hearing loss. The louder the noise and the longer your ears are exposed to it, the greater the risk of causing damage and even permanent damage to your hearing.

    By turning your music down – if you can’t hear external sounds then it is too loud – and having a break, you can enjoy your music without risk to your hearing.

    2. Protect Your Ears In The Workplace

    Ear protectors, ear plugs and ear muffs should be worn if you work in a loud and noisy environment. Noisy equipment such as power tools, heavy machinery, vehicles and noisy operative machinery can be dangerous to your hearing if exposed for long periods of time, such as shifts or long working hours.

    3. Have A Hearing Test

    If you suspect your hearing may be impaired or are simply inquisitive as to the condition of your ears and your hearing, then organise a hearing test or regular check up with one of our qualified and experienced consultants. Even if you are given the all-clear, they will be able to offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

    Hearing protection – how to find out more

    For more information, be sure to give your nearest branch a call or contact us here.

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