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Tinnitus Spotify playlist from the BTA

Relief from tinnitus with Spotify Ambient Sounds playlist from BTA

Today we came across the Ambient Sounds Spotify playlist put together by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA), and we think you could find it helpful.

A popular way to tackle intrusive tinnitus is to give the brain something else to focus on which draws your attention away from the tinnitus sound but doesn’t have to constantly and actively stimulate the brain like talk radio or music does. The playlist has 31 tracks, playing a mix of ambient sounds for you to try. With track titles such as River and Rain in the Forest, Whispering Winds over the Pines and Small Waves Hitting Beach, there may be something there that could help alleviate your tinnitus sounds.

Tinnitus Spotify playlist – how to play it

The BTA recommend that you play the tracks at a volume just below the level of your tinnitus. You’re not trying to drown out the tinnitus – this way your brain will be actively choosing to listen to the music and push your tinnitus into the background.

Just click on this link or the button below to go directly to the Spotify playlist. If you already have a Spotify account, it will ask you to log in first and then you will see the playlist. If you don’t have a Spotify playlist, it will prompt you to sign up.

Listen to the playlist

We’d love to hear your feedback on the playlist, so please feel free to give us your comments below.

Tinnitus – more information

Did you know we hold a regular Tinnitus Support Group for people living in the Marlow or Farnham Common areas of Buckinghamshire? Visit our Tinnitus Support Group page to see details of the next event near you.

You can also visit our Tinnitus Explained page to find out more about tinnitus. 

And you can also visit our Tinnitus Management page to learn some of the methods we can use to help with your tinnitus symptoms.

Finally, if you’d like to book an appointment for a tinnitus hearing check or talk to us about tinnitus, please get in touch.



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