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  • Types of hearing aids

    How to tell if you need a hearing test or a hearing aid

    The thought of losing even one of our senses is something many people can’t begin to imagine. A fact of life is however, that the lives we lead and the make-up of our genetics means that over time our senses can become impaired. This article talks about how to tell if you’re suffering from hearing loss and what to do about it.

    Hearing loss

    When it comes to hearing, many people associate a loss of hearing with the deaf and elderly. But the real worrying fact is that a person’s hearing loss can happen over a gradual and unnoticed period of time, meaning many people don’t realise straight away. Some wait ten or fifteen years or even decades before they address their hearing impairment. Luckily, we at Help in Hearing are here to help.

    Expert audiologists

    We are local and independent hearing and hearing aid specialists serving Slough, Maidenhead and the surrounding areas. Not only do we offer only the most advanced and thorough hearing tests within the region, but we supply some of the most sophisticated hearing aids around.

    Offering comprehensive and on-going aftercare, once we have diagnosed your hearing problem you could not be in better hands.

    How do I know if I’m suffering from hearing loss?

    • Are you finding that people around you are talking less clearly?
    • Are there some voices that you are finding harder to hear than others?
    • Are you often asking people to repeat what they are saying?
    • Have people told you to lower your voice when talking in quiet areas?
    • Do you suffer from not understanding speech in noisy environments?
    • Is the volume on your television, radio or stereo louder than others?
    • Does your family have a history of hearing loss

    Hearing test – how to book

    If you answered yes or are suspect about any of the above questions, don’t take your hearing for granted. Book a hearing test with us today by contacting us or check out our website to find your nearest Help in Hearing clinic.

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