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Audiologist and Ear Care Specialist

Having decided I wanted a job where I could help people, I explored various options before settling on Audiology. I began my career as a student Audiologist at The Royal Surrey County Hospital in 1985, qualifying in 1987. I stayed with the NHS working with adults and children for 15 years before moving to work at Sivantos (formerly Siemens Hearing Instruments) in August 2000. My role at Sivantos was to support our customers – NHS and private Audiologists- and present new hearing aid technology. I was able to talk with developers to gain a deep understanding of the technology and to discuss with them feedback from client wearing Sivantos products.

During my time with Sivantos, I had some great opportunities and travelled to several different countries as part of their global Audiology group.
My favourite adventure and achievement was working with the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital in the Falkland Islands. I visited them 6 times over the years and supported them in developing a full hearing aid service plus new born hearing screening. No visit to the Falklands is complete without a trip to see the five species of penguins that inhabit the Islands and one of my happiest moments was sitting on a rock surrounded by young, inquisitive Gentoo Penguins.

It was during my time at Sivantos that I first met Selma and Kevin and learned about Help in Hearing. We soon established that we shared an interest for hearing aid technology and for putting our clients at the centre of our care. It was very clear to me that Selma and Kevin are excellent at what they do and are passionate about helping their clients to achieve the best hearing possible so when the opportunity arose to join them, I jumped at the chance and joined in March 2019.

Outside of work, I love to be outdoors walking or taking part in my local Saturday Parkrun or sat in a sunny corner with a good crime novel

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