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Senior Manager, Audiologist and Ear Care Specialist

I am lucky and privileged to be working in the field of audiology. All my working life was related, in some form or another, to caring for people and working for the last 3 decades in the hearing care industry, I have found my true calling.

Being able to combine the clinical aspects of my past nursing career, the personal interaction skills of being a hairdresser in my teenage years whilst still living in my native home of Austria, to the sense of achievement of making a difference in someone else’s life, gives me the greatest job satisfaction anyone could wish for.

My lifetime ambition of being a business owner came to fruition in 2005 when I was able, with the encouragement and help of my husband, to purchase John Andrew’s Hearing Services from the retiring owner.

Together, Jeremy and I founded “Help in Hearing,” pledging to offer caring, personal, highly professional and skilled hearing care practices at our two clinics in Farnham Common and Marlow.

One year later, with the business flourishing, we needed more audiological support and I asked Kevin Jeffery, a longstanding friend and colleague to join us, ensuring that our promise of the highest standard of personal hearing care is maintained.

When I am not working, I can be found walking my two Labradors, either in the beautiful Chiltern Hills or on the rugged North Devon coastline.

To book appointments with Selma please contact our office to arrange this.

Hearing Consultant

Earwax Removal

Hearing Aid Selection

Tinnitus Advice

Cochlear Implant Referral

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