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ENT trained Ear Care Specialist

I am the newest member of the team, having joined in November 2021 as an Aural Care Practitioner, specialising in wax removal.  Providing a high standard of care is very important to me and is what attracted me to working at Help in Hearing.  I was very lucky to be trained by an ENT Nurse and everyone has been incredibly friendly since I started.

Having graduated from the University of Queensland (Australia) as an Occupational Therapist in 1999, I went on to work in a wide range of healthcare settings including acute hospital services, specialist community health and biomedical research. I have been extremely fortunate to have worked in healthcare in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom over the past 22 years.

Helping people at their point of need is what I enjoy most about my work. I love learning about new medical insights and treatments and getting to the bottom of complex problems! Thankfully however, solutions to hearing loss are often simple and it is particularly satisfying when someone leaves our clinic with their hearing issue resolved!

In my spare time, I enjoy trail running with my husband, jewellery-making and anything related to interior design!

To book wax removal appointments with Nikki please contact our office to arrange this. For more information on wax removal click here.

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