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  • Hearing aids - what are the different styles available?

    Specific Hearing Aids for your Needs

    If you’re struggling to hear conversations, having to turn the TV or radio volume up or find yourself unnecessarily shouting when having a chat, there is a possibility your hearing may be impaired and you may need hearing aids. If you believe this might be the case or if you just want a modern and reliable hearing test, then be sure to call on Help in Hearing.

    Hearing Specialists

    Here at Help In Hearing, we are specialists in supplying hearing aids and hearing tests.  Our main branch is home to our specialist audiologists who serve the Slough, Maidenhead and Windsor areas. Our second branch in Marlow will always see you for any hearing tests or one-on-one consultations.

    Our experienced, independent audiologists will be able to talk all these things through with you before you are fitted for a hearing aid, to make sure that the aid is fitted correctly and successfully. Our audiologist will also provide a full aftercare service to make sure that you are getting everything you need from your hearing aid.

    As technology continues to move forward so does our hearing aid technology. Our sophisticated and latest technology means that we are able to supply a number of hearing aids to satisfy your own personal needs. Our hearing aids are designed to be as reliable, comfortable and effective as possible ensuring that they easily fit your lifestyle.

    Hearing Aid Styles Suited To You

    From digital hearing aids installed with expert technology and fine-tuned comfort, to Lyric invisible hearing aids that offer complete in-ear use, you will be able to find the hearing aid that is best suited for you. We are lucky to have specialist audiologists who are experienced and knowledgeable in specific fields of hearing aid technology.

    We understand style is a big consideration which is why we offer a range of hearing aid styles including:

    Deep Canal Hearing Aids

    Invisible hearing aids for mild to moderate hearing loss

    Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids

    Custom-moulded to fit your ear and suitable for mild to severe hearing loss

    Receiver in the Canal Hearing Aids

    A custom shell or open fitting allows you to find the fit that best suits you.

    For more information on our hearing tests, hearing aids or arranging a consultation then check out our website and call one of our branches to find your hearing loss solutions.

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