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Oticon Hearing Aid

Oticon OPN – a remarkable new hearing aid

We’re pleased to announce we are now able to supply the new Oticon OPN hearing aid.

Oticon – a better choice for the best all-round hearing experience

It’s not every day that a major change comes along in hearing aid technology. But today is that day! Today there’s a revolutionary new device from Oticon that will improve how you hear – and how you participate in life.

Oticon OPN hearing aid – a remarkable new hearing instrument

I’m pleased to be one of the first independent hearing care clinics to introduce you to the Oticon OPN. This remarkable hearing instrument utilises state-of-the-art technology that offers you more advantages than any other current hearing aid.

With Oticon OPN, you’ll enjoy 30% better speech understanding, a reduction in your listening effort by 20% and remember 20% more of your conversations.

50 times faster sound processing

How is that possible? The microchip inside Oticon OPN processes sound exceptionally fast – 50 times faster than any other Oticon product. Oticon exclusive BrainHearing technology helps your brain make sense of sound so you don’t have to work so hard to hear. You will feel less stress and be more likely to join in conversations.

But there’s something else too. Thanks to Oticon Opn Sound Experience, this hearing device actually adjusts and balances all the sounds around you, not just the ones directly in front of you. Oticon OPN separates speech from noise, letting you shift focus from one speaker to another, even in complex listening environments.

Oticon new hearing aid




As the world’s first internet-connected hearing device, Oticon OPN offers a full array of wireless possibilities. It connects directly to your iPhone, allowing you to hear your phone as well as stream music. A TV adapter turns your hearing aids into wireless headphones, and the Oticon ON App – available on the App Store and on Google Play – makes it easy for Oticon hearing aid users to have additional control of their hearing aids with just a touch of their fingertips.

Oticon hearing aids – where to find out more

Visit our Oticon Opn hearing aids page to find out more about these hearing aids, including the new ConnectClip, which connects to your smartphone, the Opn rechargeable hearing aid and connecting to Internet devices with your Opns.

Read a blog article about the Oticon OPN – a remarkable new hearing instrument.

Book your exclusive appointment to see the Oticon OPN by calling us on the above numbers, fill in our contact form or email us.


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