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Phonak Roger Select - excellent speech understanding in noisy situations.

Phonak Roger Select

Our hearing is very individual. Some of us like sounds to be loud, some prefer things to be quieter, some prefer listening to music while others prefer listening to bird song. Hearing loss presents individual challenges to each client, depending on where it is most important to be able to hear well. In this article we discuss how the Phonak Roger Select can help with these individual hearing requirements.

Hearing aids are programmed to each client’s hearing and requirements and can be tailored according to each individual’s feedback about their own unique experiences.

Today’s hearing aids are very effective in increasing speech and turning down background noise, allowing the wearer to fully participate in conversations with family and friends, but sometimes an extra boost may be required for some listening situations. The boost required is, again, individual and in the past, this may have resulted in the hearing aid wearer requiring 2 or 3 different devices – one for each different situation.

Phonak Roger Select – providing a boost in challenging situations

Roger Select is a state-of-the art wireless microphone

The Phonak Roger Select is a small portable device that is compatible with most hearing aids and it provides that needed boost in challenging listening situations. It is used with a neck loop which transmits the sounds directly into the hearing aids. But what makes Roger Select stand out from the crowd is that one single device adapts to lots of different situations. It is small, light, portable and easy to use.

Roger Select is an innovative device that can boost phone calls, television, speech in meetings and speech in noisy places. Roger Select is a clever remote microphone that can focus on a specific speaker.

Phone Calls

The Phonak Roger Select can connect to Bluetooth phones and act as a hands-free system. The telephone call is sent directly into the hearing aid without the need to hold the phone to the ear.


Roger Select plugs into the audio output of a television. It sends the TV into the hearing aids via the neck loop. This means that the hearing aid wearer can adjust the volume of the TV, by adjusting the volume of their hearing aids, independent to other people watching the same TV.


During meetings, Roger Select is placed on the table. It automatically focuses on the person speaking and send the voice straight into the hearing aids via the neck loop.


Roger Select can also be worn attached to the lapel of a speaker such as a lecturer or passenger in a car. For example, it can be difficult to hear the passenger speaking when you are driving a car, especially because it is not possible to be facing the person speaking. The Roger Select is worn by the passenger either on a cord around the neck or clipped to the lapel. Roger Select focuses on the passenger’s voice which is now heard clearly by the hearing aid wearer.

Phonak Roger Select – where to find out more

To have a demonstration of the Phonak Roger Select, please call to book an appointment or fill in our online contact form.


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