• Patient Safety Day

    The World Health Organisation (WHO) held Patient Safety Day on 17th September 2020 to raise global awareness about the importance of addressing health worker safety as a prerequisite to patient safety. Their message is “Safe health worker, safe patients”.

    At Help in Hearing we take our safety and that of our clients very seriously.

    We always follow the guidance from our audiology professional bodies to ensure that our audiologists are protected while seeing clients. This has resulted in a few changes to our work life:


    We have new uniforms – our smart blue tunics are only worn while we are in clinic, bagged and taken home to be washed at the end of each day.

    We are wearing PPE – aprons, face masks, visors and gloves provide protection should there be any covid virus present.

    We have all undertaken additional training to ensure that we know how to use the PPE correctly, understand the symptoms of COVID and know what questions to ask our clients

    Our clinic rooms and equipment are cleaned between each  client. We will not allow anyone into the consulting room until this sanitisation has taken place.

    For more information or help with your hearing aids, please call us on 0345 222 0579 or fill in our online contact form.


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