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    National Campaign for Regular Hearing Tests

    We are championing a national campaign calling for regular hearing tests to be provided alongside dental and eye tests. This campaign is instigated by Audira, a think tank shaping the future of hearing care and challenges the medical norm of “reactive hearing care”, ie waiting for a problem to occur before addressing it. The campaign lobbies for a preventative approach of regular tests and care. Read the “4 Questions to ask about hearing” leaflet, developed in support of the campaign.

    Hearing tests - national campaign

    Help in Hearing is an early adopter of this approach and promotes the “Eyes Checked, Teeth Checked, Hearing Checked” campaign. We provide hearing tests in support of the Audira promotion.

    Hearing tests – as important as regular eye and dental checks

    It’s only in the last few years that it’s become generally accepted in the UK that hearing care is as important as looking after our eyes and teeth. We all grow up knowing that our eyesight and teeth will last longer if checked regularly and that our quality of life improves dramatically if we look after them. We need to take the same preventative measures for our hearing.

    People wait 4 years before visiting an audiologist

    In a recent research study by RDSi, 360 hearing aid users were surveyed and it was found that people experiencing hearing difficulties waited on average 4 years before they visited an audiologist, causing further damage to their hearing. The wait is accredited to 2 main reasons outlined in additional research from Action on Hearing:

    • Stigma related with wearing hearing aids which stops people admitting they have a hearing problem
    • A lack of understanding that prompt action will alleviate hearing issues

    When someone wears glasses, it’s socially acceptable. Wearing braces for teeth correction is socially acceptable. But wearing a hearing aid carries a stigma that makes it feel unacceptable. Today totally invisible hearing aids can help people with hearing problems avoid this negative social perception. We have to combat this in the UK and we can only achieve that by making hearing tests a standard check-up along with eye and teeth check-ups.

    Read the Action on Hearing (formerly RNID) report here.

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