• Lyric hearing aids

    Lyric Hearing Aids Compared to Other Hearing Aids

    If Lyric Hearing Aids are new to you, here is a handy guide, comparing the Lyric with traditional hearing aids.

    Very natural sound quality

    Apart from the physical differences between the Lyric hearing aids and traditional hearing aids, 88% of Lyric users agree that the Lyric’s sound quality is very natural.* The Lyric is designed to have both its speaker and receiver located completely in the ear canal. This deep canal position provides many benefits in sound quality, for example reduced occlusion, feedback and improved localisation.

    Wear Lyric 24 x 7

    Lyric hearing aids can also be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for months at a time (individual replacement needs may vary). Unlike traditional hearing aids that are taken out each night or when a user gets in the shower, Lyric hearing aids remain in the user’s ear for the life of the hearing aid.

    The Lyric hearing aid is providing many of the benefits patients desire that they may not have experienced from their other hearing aids.

    Below you will see photographs showing the different types of traditional hearing aid and the main facts about them, compared to the Lyric Invisible Hearing Aid.

    Traditional Daily Wear Hearing Devices

    open-fit-hearing-aid  completely-in-the-canal-hearing-aid  behind-the-ear-hearing-aid  in-the-ear-hearing-aid

     Traditional hearing aid main facts:

    • Visible
    • Daily insertion
    • Often removed when exercising, sleeping or showering
    • Replace or charge batteries every 4-10 days and repair as needed
    • Purchase new devices every few years
    • Numerous brands available


    Extended Wear Hearing Device


    Lyric hearing aids main facts:

    • 100% invisible
    • Worn 24×7 for months at a time
    • Can be worn during: exercising, sleeping, showering, talking on the phone
    • No batteries to replace, no device repairs required
    • Purchase annual subscription
    • One option available: Lyric™ Hearing

    Quick Guide to Lyric Hearing Aids Comparison


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    *Based on a telephone survey of 100 patients who have worn Lyric for at least 30 days.

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