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Local Litter Pick venture for the Team

You may have noticed the girls from Help in Hearing out Litter Picking locally. As we drive to work every day, we have noticed increased rubbish tipping around the Beeches and the edge of Farnham Common village. So, armed with some long arm grabbers and sturdy bin bags, on 13th May we put on our High Vis tabards and donned our gloves. It had rained all day but at 5.00pm the grey clouds disappeared for a short while.

From the practice in Blackpond Lane we walked up to the High Street where the kind people at Costa offered us a free hot drink. We didn’t stop but it was very kind and showed a real community spirit. We headed down Green lane and then along the edge of the Beeches back to Southmead Clinic.  Our bags were surprisingly heavy after an hour so we felt it was well worth doing. We hope to do another litter pick when the weather picks up. Watch this space! 


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