• Join us at our OPEN DAYS! We’re celebrating 10 years providing the best audiology and the latest, leading hearing products.

    Come along on:

    – 3rd June in Farnham Common, and

    – 4th June in Marlow

    Both days run from 10am – 5pm.

    As part of celebrating 10 years in business, we would like to invite you along to share this milestone with us at one of our OPEN DAYS on 3rd June in Farnham Common or on 4th June in Marlow from 10am – 5pm.

    Spaces at the open day are limited so please let us know you are coming by calling on 0845 222 0579 or emailing us.

    Both Selma Becker and Kevin Jeffery will be at the Open Days to celebrate the 10 years that all of us at Help in Hearing have been enabling people to live full lives with clarity of hearing.

    In addition we’re introducing and demonstrating BrainHearing™ technology from Oticon, leading hearing aid providers. With BrainHearing™ you ‘give your brain exactly what it needs to hear.’

    Come along for a free no obligation demo of the very latest and smartest hearing care devices.

    Read full details in our Open Day flyer:

    Don’t miss out ‘Give your brain exactly what it needs to hear’ with BrainHearingTM technology!

    Let us know you are coming:
    Call 0845 222 0579 or email us.

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