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Coping with tinnitus

Many people who suffer from Tinnitus learn to manage it through various self-help methods and support devices. Working with Help in Hearing you can discover how to manage and live with tinnitus – it’s a symptom and not a disease and we can help.

Tinnitus Management with the Widex ZEN2GO

ZEN2GO™ is the tinnitus management device from Widex designed for anyone suffering from tinnitus.

It is based on unique Widex technology that has been proven to help in tinnitus management. ZEN uses random, soothing harmonic tones to help you relax and manage your tinnitus.

ZEN2GO™ goes straight in the ear and is for all Tinnitus sufferers. It is ready to be worn immediately – no fitting, no waiting – instant relief. Read more about ZEN2GO on the Widex website.

Soundcure: Revolutionising the treatment of Tinnitus

The Serenade device consists of a handheld acoustic stimuli generator, earphones, and pleasant treatment sounds that are intended to address the underlying cause of tinnitus. A suite of three different types of sounds is included, enabling Help in Hearing audiologists to determine the specific approach that is most likely to be effective for you. Serenade is customisable, and can be programmed to meet your unique needs – day and night.

Studies suggest that S-Tones™ may offer immediate relief from Tinnitus.

SoundCure Serenade can also be used as part of a long-term Tinnitus treatment program. Read more on the SoundCure website.

Tinnitus Support Group for Marlow and Farnham Common

We hold regular Tinnitus Support Groups for people living in the Marlow and Farnham Common areas of Buckinghamshire. Visit our Tinnitus Support Group page to see details of the next event.

There is now a British Tinnitus Association (BTA) Spotify playlist to help relieve tinnitus. Find out about this and a link to listen to the playlist on our blog page.