Hearing Tests

Online and mobile app based hearing tests are a quick way to get a very rough idea of any hearing challenges. The best and only way to find out exactly what you need can be achieved by a full and thorough hearing test. After you have tried one of the test options below if you need to take things further please book a confidential appointment by clicking on the button below.

Online Hearing Tests


This is the perfect online hearing test. In just a couple of minutes you are guided through a range of hearing tests from low, medium and high pitch sounds. Simple controls enable you to provide feedback and adjust levels. Answer a few questions on hearing in different environments and the test is done. A full report can be sent by email for you to review. To start the test, make sure you are in a quiet environment, with your headphones on and click the green start button below.


Try an online hearing test powered by our partner Signia. Just click the start button and follow the on-screen instructions.


Mobile App Hearing Tests

Our hearing partners provide various downloadable apps for Apple and Android mobile phones and tablets. You can click through to the various apps below.


Signia Online Hearing Test
Download from the Apple store
Download from the Google Play store


Unitron hearing aids
Download from the Apple store