Hearing Rehabilitation

On-going After Care

There is a general unawareness that we need to learn how to hear again when one has a longstanding untreated hearing loss and that learning process can take time.

Our ears are merely the mechanism to transmit sound through the auditory pathway to the brain. It is the brain that then identifies the sounds it has received and makes us understand what we hear. If however there has been a long term deprivation of sound (remember the average is 10 years) we cannot expect the brain to immediately be able to cope with a sudden rush of new information received from the amplification of the hearing aids.

Thus having professional guidance and aftercare is of paramount importance.

The experience and expertise of your hearing aid consultant, during your hearing rehabilitation visits following the fitting of the aids will make the difference between a good investment and a bad one.

At Help in Hearing we will provide you with a customised program to suit your requirements. This usually consists of a hearing rehabilitation visit two weeks after the initial fitting of the aids, when we will review your progress so far.

We will give you time to discuss any queries you may have and ensure you can handle the hearing aids with ease. We will continue to book appointments for as often as you require until you are confident you have achieved a full satisfactory outcome in your new hearing world.

We encourage regular appointments to ensure you are gaining full benefit from your hearing aids,  including six monthly check ups and annual reviews. We also offer while-you-wait hearing aid cleaning and hearing aid repair service at our Farnham Common practice.  To give peace of mind in terms of any aftercare costs, we offer a scheme called Hearing Plan. Read more