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AquaCase Waterproof Case for Cochlear Implants

The AquaCase accessory from Advanced Bionics is the world’s first and only swimmable, waterproof case for cochlear implant recipients and we are pleased that this product is now available here at Help in Hearing.  

Aquacase at bathtime
Aquacase robust container

AquaCase Robust Container

The robust AquaCase container has been developed to provide the same great hearing in the wettest, dirtiest conditions and during the most rugged activities in any weather, any time. Hear your world while bathing, swimming, snorkelling, surfing the waves, crossing the street in a downpour, jet-skiing on a lake, mountain biking, mud running, rock climbing, river rafting down rapids, or taking part in any exciting adventure that comes your way.

Aquacase - an overview

AquaCase Waterproof Microphone

The AquaCase accessory is designed for use with the swimmable AquaMic, Advanced Bionics’ unique IP 68-rated microphone. Waterproof with no bag or enclosure required, the AquaMic offers you optimal microphone placement for uncompromised natural hearing.

AquaCase Peace of Mind

To ensure it safeguards your Naidi CI sound processor, the AquaCase features a security lock and special corrosion-resistant materials that stand up to water, dirt, mud, sand and other grime.

AquaCase – Easy, worry-free retention

We offer flexible accessories for secure, off-ear wearing of the AquaCase that allow you to enjoy action-filled adventures – the AquaCase can be worn on the arm, around the neck, or clipped in the secure place of your preference.

AquaCase Wearing Options

  • AquaCase Clip – for secure wearing and comfort. A removable clip that rotates 360 degrees.
  • Armband – for the most rugged activities. An adjustable armband – small or standard lengths available.
  • AquaCase Lanyard – for convenient, discreet wearing. The lanyard places the case comfortably around your child’s neck for hearing during bathtime. For adults who prefer to be discreet, the lanyard can be worn under the clothing.


Aquacase Waterproof Case for Cochlear Implants