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Audio Service - your best companion

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Audio Service, a German based manufacturer, available exclusively in the UK through independent hearing consultants. Their latest product innovations are considered “audiological all-rounders in the modern hearing aid world.” Heading up the portfolio, the Sun G5 hearing aid delivers outstanding hearing quality and excellent speech intelligibility, even under difficult acoustic conditions, offering a natural hearing experience. The constant communication between your left and right hearing aids means your world now sounds balanced and comfortable. During conversations, your hearing aids work together to evaluate all of the signals received and thus ensure a spatial hearing impression – maintaining the focus on the main person you’re talking to.

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Audio Service Hearing Aids Range
Sun G5 Hearing Aid

Audio Service Sun G5 Hearing Aid

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Hear ambient noise at all times

My Life: Always on the Go

My Sun G5: Goes with Me

Whether it’s walking, jogging, or cycling: Only the right companion can ensure you reach your destina-tion. The Smart Direct app unites your Sun G5 and the smartphone motion sensors in a new partnership.

When your smartphone detects that you are moving, the Sun G5 activates the omnidirectional focus. This allows you to hear ambient noises at all times.

MotionSense – For the right focus at every turn.

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Hear ambient noises at all times
Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology

My World: Optimally Connected

My Sun G5: Directly Connected

The best entertainment starts in your ear: Telephone calls, music, and navigation instructions are trans-formed into a true hearing experience by the combination of your iPhone and the G5 Bluetooth® technology. The signals are streamed directly to your hearing system – a particularly convenient solution for you.

In addition, the Smart Transmitter 2,4 connects your Sun G5 to your TV or HiFi system quickly and simply – all without the need for any other devices.

Direct Audio Streaming – For the direct link between your Sun G5 and everything that’s important to you.

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Smart Direct App

My Convenience: The Smart Direct App

Hearing pleasure that suits my tastes

In collaboration with your iPhone, the Smart Direct app makes your hearing experience more convenient than ever before. Once installed, the app transforms the Sun G5 into stereo headphones. Telephone calls and streamed music are forwarded from your iPhone directly on to the hearing aids – without any additional accessories.

In addition, the hearing program, volume, and alerts can all be set and customized particularly easily with a smartphone using the Smart Direct app. For optimisation of your hearing, the app creates a personalised environment profile for you, which provides you and your hearing system specialist with information on your daily hearing performance.

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Smart Direct App
Sun G5 Colour Range - 8 shades available

Choice of 8 shades

My Mood: Different Every Day

My Sun G5: Always the Perfect Shade


There are 8 shades to choose from so your Sun G5 can match or contrast with your skin, hair or spectacles colour.

Audio Service hearing aids - downloads and further help

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