• Signs of hearing loss

    Where to Have a Hearing Test in Slough

    Over time your hearing can deteriorate, and it is this gradual worsening of hearing that makes it increasingly difficult for individuals to notice hearing loss early on. However, if you have noticed a significant change in your ability to hear, and you’re based in the Slough area, then be sure to book a hearing test in Slough with us here at Help in Hearing, where one of our professional and highly experienced audiologists will perform a thorough hearing test and identify whether or not you will need hearing aids.

    Hearing is one of the key means by which we communicate, and if you feel that your hearing is affecting your ability to socialise and interact with others then it’s time to book a hearing assessment with a professional, like ourselves here at Help in Hearing.

    Hearing Test in Slough

    A hearing test is performed by one of our experienced audiologist consultants, who will carry out a full assessment on your overall hearing ability. Once your hearing test has been completed, they will then advise on the extent of your hearing loss and the best course of action.

    State of the Art Hearing Aids

    In most cases, we recommend one of our state of the art and highly sophisticated hearing aids which will be fitted and tuned to suit your hearing. This will help regaining your hearing to such a degree that it will enable you to be more confident and interactive with greater ease again.

    Audiology Services

    To ensure our customers receive the best possible attention, we provide the following services;

    • Complimentary hearing tests in Slough
    • Independent advice with no obligation to buy
    • 60 day full refund policy if you are not completely happy with your hearing aid
    • Comprehensive and on-going aftercare service
    • Advice on hearing and noise protection
    • Tinnitus advice, testing and counselling


    Book a Hearing Test in Slough Now

    If you are having difficulty hearing, be sure to book yourself a hearing test in our Slough clinic, which will ascertain whether or not your require hearing aids. For a professional service that caters for your best interests, be sure to call us here at Help in Hearing on 0845 222 0579 or fill in our online booking form.

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