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Hear Better This Year – Your New Year’s Resolution

Another new year is here and you may have decided this year to eat more healthily, exercise more and take care of yourself better. If that’s the case, make sure you include looking after your hearing as a priority. We explain why your new year’s resolution should be to hear better this year.

58% of people have never had their hearing checked

The hearing aid manufacturer Phonak has found that that while most people get their eyesight, blood pressure and teeth checked on a regular basis, 58% of people have never had their hearing checked – that’s despite 30% of those surveyed thinking it should be checked up to once a year.

Not knowing hearing tests are available, where to find them or thinking they can’t afford them are the reasons 42% cite for not having their hearing checked more regularly. Over a quarter (27%), meanwhile, just ‘get by ok’.

Why you should have your hearing checked regularly

It’s a good idea to have a hearing check-up regularly so you can be sure any changes in your hearing are picked up earlier than you might notice yourself, and so that any preventable problems can be avoided.

Hearing tests are free at Help in Hearing

At Help in Hearing we carry out hearing tests in a friendly and comfortable environment using the latest testing equipment. Hearing tests require concentration but are not painful. We will discuss your lifestyle and medical history related to your ears and hearing in depth.

A professional audiologist will examine your ears with a Video-Otoscope, giving you the opportunity to have a look into your own ears on a screen.

After the completion of various tests, including speech comprehension, loudness tolerance and middle ear pressure tests, the results will be explained and solutions recommended appropriate for your personal requirements.

We always recommend you bring either your spouse, a friend or relative to the initial consultation as it will take approximately one and a half hours when a lot of information will be passed on.

Book your hearing test now

Give yourself peace of mind this New Year and come down to our specialist hearing clinics situated near Gerrards Cross and Marlow to have an extensive hearing test. You can see more information about what is covered in one of our hearing tests here.

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