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Happy 101st Birthday to Rosi Ruben!

Rosi has been our client since 1993 and has since become a very dear friend, who was responsible for my husband, Jeremy and I to meet. She has led an amazing life, here is a short synopsis of her life story.

Rosi grew up in Germany to Polish Jewish parents. One of nine children, she became a teacher after leaving school.

One night in October 1938, the Gestapo stormed the boarding school she worked at, and sent her to an internment camp in Poland.

A few months later, she helped children escape to England on the Kinder transport.

She said: “It was heartbreaking getting them away from their parents and all their friends.”

Shortly before war broke out, she settled in London, where she eventually met her husband, Jules Ruben, a renowned jazz musician. She has two daughters, 3 grand- and two great-grandchildren.

Miraculously, the rest of her family survived World War Two, after they were hidden by farmers in Belgium.

rosi-ruben-4602Documentary Film – “The Last Boat”

Filmmaker Alan Reich, whose father was one of those rescued in the Kindertransport, is presently making a documentary film ‘The Last Boat’, about the event. We understand the film will include interviews with Rosi, who was one of the children’s chaperones. We are not aware yet of the release date but understand it is currently being filmed. You can read here about an event in 2013 where Alan Reich talked about the making of the film.

Rosi is truly an inspirational lady and we wish her a very happy 101st birthday for tomorrow!


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