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Half Price Offer for Tinnitus Awareness Week

This year Tinnitus Awareness Week runs from the 8th to the 14th February. To mark this special week, we are offering you a tinnitus consultation, for half the usual price. The usual cost for this consultation would be £160, but we are offering it for £80 if you book the appointment any time between the 8th and 14th February.

The tinnitus consultation usually takes place after the initial free of charge assessment and consists of a more detailed battery of tests and questionnaires to fully understand the effects of your tinnitus.

What happens at the initial tinnitus assessment

This initial assessment is free of charge and without obligation.

The objective of this assessment is to get an understanding of the effect of your tinnitus on your lifestyle. We will also identify the most appropriate management tool for your individual requirement, ie tinnitus management programme or hearing aid fitting? Finally we will re-appoint for the full tinnitus/hearing assessment with our tinnitus specialist.

At this appointment we will:

  • Take a brief history and score your tinnitus questionnaire to get a quick insight of how severely you are affected by tinnitus currently.
  • Very quick screening hearing test.
  • Depending on the outcome of your hearing test we will briefly discuss and explain about tinnitus.
  • If appropriate we will demonstrate hearing aid(s) or sound simulators.
  • You will then be in a position to either opt for our full tinnitus management program or hearing aid fitting program, whichever is the most appropriate solution.

Tinnitus Assessment

This appointment usually costs £160 and we are offering it to you for only £80 during Tinnitus Awareness Week! The assessment will take up to 2 hours and consists of a battery of tests and questionnaires to fully understand the effects of your tinnitus.

Tests include:

  • Medical history to find out about any existing medical conditions,
  • Tinnitus perception inventory to understand the severity level of your tinnitus.
  • Tinnitus intake questionnaire to find out the physical, emotional and social consequences of tinnitus.
  • Otoscopy to establish the health and condition of your outer ear and eardrum.
  • Tympanometry to establish the health of your middle ear.
  • Puretone audiogram to assess your hearing levels including air and bone conduction thresholds.
  • Uncomfortable loudness levels finding your sound tolerance levels.
  • Tinnitus pitch matching to find the approximate frequency of your tinnitus.
  • Tinnitus mask ability to understand the intensity you experience with your tinnitus.

Advice and Information

  • We will discuss the test results after compiling and reviewing them.
  • We will explain tinnitus causes for you to better understand your condition.
  • We will then discuss and formulate your treatment programme.


Please click to find out more about our tinnitus management solutions.

Contact us to book your half price tinnitus assessment now.

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