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Coloured Hearing Aids have got the Cool Factor!

An article we read recently about a little girl who wanted pink hearing aids so she could have “fairy ears,” got us thinking about what people want from their hearing aids. In this article we talk about coloured hearing aids.

Many people like to decorate their hearing aids or experiment with colours and prints. The choice of a bold colour hearing aid gives them uniqueness and, for younger adults, a cool factor that acts as a fashion statement. Showing that hearing aids can be fun and can attract attention can help in situations when the person does not want to wear them or perceives them as old fashioned and boring. Manufacturers around the world have started the trend of offering a wide choice of colours, personal prints, cartoon characters or any other design the wearer demands.

Hearing aid designs to match the taste of the wearer

Often children’s hearing aids are adorned with flowers, butterflies, tiger prints or a smiling SpongeBob. The choice is unlimited and every design may be modified to match the taste of the wearer. Regardless of the type – in the ear or behind the ear, the device can be bright pink or turquoise green. Some companies, such as Phonak, even provide different stickers that can be attached to the hearing device to give it a personal touch. After wearing it for a while, you can easily replace with a new one.

For those who like extravagance, though, there are even braver and more fashionable options such as Swarovski crystals or having a corresponding design of the hearing aid and mobile phone.

Hearing aids with excitement and personality

Regardless of the choice of colour, however, discreet or brighter, the important thing is to feel comfortable with your device and have the functions and features that you need. Choosing a colour could add a note of excitement and personality and can transform the hearing aid from an unwanted inconvenience into a cool and attractive accessory.

You can read the original article that prompted this blog here: “The Secret Deafie: The girl who wanted coloured hearing aids (and wasn’t allowed to have them)

If you need hearing aids and want to choose something that gives you the cool factor, talk to us about coloured hearing aids. We have a range of aids from leading edge hearing aid manufacturers such as Widex and Phonak and can discuss the options most suitable for you.

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