• Charity firewalk for Action on Hearing

    Gilly’s firewalk raises £605 for charity Action on Hearing Loss

    In an earlier blog we told you that our Practice Manager, Gilly Wright, was about to do a charity firewalk. Well, we’re thrilled to report that Gilly has raised £605 for hearing charity Action on Hearing Loss, by doing a firewalk on the 2nd November. The firewalk involved walking barefoot across 15 feet of burning embers, which reach temperatures as high as 800 degrees!

    After the event, Gilly said:

    “The Firewalk was fantastic. The event was led by Scott Bell, twice holder of the Guinness World Record for the greatest fire walking distance. He was so inspiring that I didn’t once believe I couldn’t do it. In fact I ended up walking over the hot embers three times! I have raised £605 for Action on Hearing Loss and would like to thank everyone for their wonderful generosity and to Selma Becker for all her support. No blisters, just a big smile on my face and a cheer at the end.”

    Here are some photos from the event:

    Gilly after doing the firewalk  The group celebrate their firewalk achievement  Gilly raised £605 for the Action on Hearing Loss charity


    Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash


  • Charity firewalk for Action on Hearing

    Walking on fire for charity

    Gilly Wright will do a firewalk in NovemberOur new Practice Manager, Gilly Wright, is taking her role so seriously she has volunteered to walk across 15 feet of burning embers in London on 2nd November, for Action on Hearing Loss.

    No tricks, no special effects, just the firewalk. If she can walk a path as hot as 800 degrees, imagine what else she might be capable of!

    Action against Hearing Loss is the largest charity in the UK, funding research and support for people affected by hearing loss. Anyone who is interested in sponsoring Gilly on her firewalk please ask for the sponsorship form when you next call in to one of our hearing clinics. Or go to Gilly’s Just Giving page to donate.


    Update: To find out how Gilly got on and how much she raised for charity, please view our update article.

  • Staff News

    Staff News – A Welcome and a Fond Farewell

    A fond farewell to Marguerite

    Marguerite plans to enjoy her gardenWe are sad to see Marguerite retiring. She has been working with Help in Hearing for 18 years, having started originally with the previous owner.

    Selma took over the practice in 2005, with Marguerite being an integral member of the team. She has a wealth of knowledge and has always been happy to help service, or mend all types of hearing aids. Indeed, the more challenging the better!

    Her retirement journey starts with a trip to see her daughter and grandchildren in New Zealand. She has no plans beyond this yet but certainly hopes to make the most of her time enjoying her garden and perhaps giving a few French lessons along the way. Au revoir Marguerite et bonne chance!



    Our new Practice Manager Gilly Wright and her dog, AlfieWelcome to Gilly

    We are pleased to welcome Gilly Wright as our new Practice Manager. With 15 years’ experience in private practice, Gilly has previously worked in Pain Management and Optics, having originally started out her career in PR and trade journalism.

    She was recently married in Zell am See, Austria and has three grown up children and a Bichon Frisee called Alfie, who some of you may well have already been introduced to in our Farnham Common practice.

    Gilly is passionate about helping people with hearing difficulties as she herself wears hearing aids and has battled over the years with Menieres and Tinnitus. She is very much looking forward to her new challenge and we are delighted to have her on board.

    Please get in touch with Gilly if you would like to book appointments or have any other queries about our products and services, or fill in our contact form.

  • Happy 101st Birthday to Rosi Ruben!

    Rosi has been our client since 1993 and has since become a very dear friend, who was responsible for my husband, Jeremy and I to meet. She has led an amazing life, here is a short synopsis of her life story.

    Rosi grew up in Germany to Polish Jewish parents. One of nine children, she became a teacher after leaving school.

    One night in October 1938, the Gestapo stormed the boarding school she worked at, and sent her to an internment camp in Poland.

    A few months later, she helped children escape to England on the Kinder transport.

    She said: “It was heartbreaking getting them away from their parents and all their friends.”

    Shortly before war broke out, she settled in London, where she eventually met her husband, Jules Ruben, a renowned jazz musician. She has two daughters, 3 grand- and two great-grandchildren.

    Miraculously, the rest of her family survived World War Two, after they were hidden by farmers in Belgium.

    rosi-ruben-4602Documentary Film – “The Last Boat”

    Filmmaker Alan Reich, whose father was one of those rescued in the Kindertransport, is presently making a documentary film ‘The Last Boat’, about the event. We understand the film will include interviews with Rosi, who was one of the children’s chaperones. We are not aware yet of the release date but understand it is currently being filmed. You can read here about an event in 2013 where Alan Reich talked about the making of the film.

    Rosi is truly an inspirational lady and we wish her a very happy 101st birthday for tomorrow!