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  • ConnectClip works with your smartphone

    New – ConnectClip from Oticon

    We are pleased to introduce the Oticon ConnectClip, which transforms your Oticon hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset! Make and receive hands-free phone calls from any modern smartphone. Listen to music in stereo from your tablet or laptop. ConnectClip transforms your Opn hearing aids into a wireless headset, making everyday connections for family, friends and business activities easier and more practical. 

    ConnectClip is an intermediate device, which wirelessly connects Oticon 2.4GHz wireless hearing aids through Bluetooth to most mobile phones. ConnectClip further doubles as a remote/partner microphone for improved 1-to-1 speech understanding in adverse listening situations.

    Headset for mobile phones

    ConnectClip can be paired with most mobile phones through Bluetooth, in effect turning the hearing instruments into a high-quality headset. Sound from the mobile phone is streamed wirelessly directly to the hearing aids, while the ConnectClip’s directional microphones pick up the wearer’s voice.

    Headphones for music

    Audio/music from a Bluetooth-connected mobile phone, MP3 player, etc., is streamed directly in stereo to both hearing aids.

    Remote/Partner microphone

    The ConnectClip works in a special mode as a remote/partner microphone for improved intelligibility of the speaker wearing it, either at a distance (up to 65 feet), in a very noisy environment, or in a combination of the two. 


    It can at times be difficult to pair/connect directly to a computer’s built-in Bluetooth. To overcome any issues, ConnectClip can be used with the BTD800 USB dongle for easy/hassle-free connectivity.

    ConnectClip – where to find out more

    Visit our Oticon Opn hearing aids page to find out more about the new ConnectClip, as well as the Opn rechargeable hearing aid and connecting to Internet devices with your Opn.

    If you’d like to make an appointment to discuss the Oticon OPN, please get in touch.

  • Audio Service Open Days

    Audio Service Open Days

    Audio Service Open Days – Book an appointment

    • Take a free two-week trial of these exclusive new aids
    • See Selma, Kevin & an Audio Service Expert

    Marlow: Wednesday 7th February
    Farnham Common: Thursday 8th February

    Call 0345 222 0579 or fill in our online contact form to book your place.

    Audio Service – Exclusive to Independents

    We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer Audio Service, a German based manufacturer available exclusively in the UK through independent hearing consultants. Their latest product innovations are considered “audiological all-rounders in the modern hearing aid world”.

    Audio Service Sun G5 Hearing Aid

    Heading up the portfolio, the Sun G5 delivers outstanding hearing quality and excellent speech intelligibility, even under difficult acoustic conditions, offering a natural hearing experience. The constant communication between your left and right hearing aids means your world now sounds balanced and comfortable. During conversations, your hearing aids work together to evaluate all of the signals received and thus ensure a spatial hearing impression – maintaining the focus on the main person you’re talking to.

    Bluetooth Technology

    The best entertainment starts in your ear: telephone calls, music and navigation instructions are transformed into a true hearing experience by the combination of your iPhone and the G5 Bluetooth® technology. The signals are streamed directly to your hearing system – a particularly convenient solution for you. In addition, the Smart Transmitter 2.4 connects your Sun G5 to your TV or HiFi system quickly and simply – all without the need for any other devices. 

    Smart Direct App

    In collaboration with your iPhone, the Smart Direct app makes your hearing experience more convenient than ever before. Once installed, the app transforms the Sun G5 into stereo headphones. Telephone calls and streamed music are forwarded from your iPhone directly on to the hearing aids – without any additional accessories. In addition, the hearing program, volume, and alerts can all be set and customised easily using the Smart Direct app. For optimisation of your hearing, the app creates a personalised environment profile for you, providing us and you with information on your daily hearing performance.

    Audio Service open days – come along and take a free trial!

    Come along to our Audio Service open days on 7th February (Marlow) and 8th February (Farnham Common) to learn more about these hearing aids, available exclusively through independent hearing consultants. We will have an Audio Service expert on hand and you will have the opportunity to take a free, two-week trial of the new Audio Service hearing aids.

    Call us to book your place on 0345 222 0579 or fill in our online contact form.

    You can learn more about the Audio Service hearing aids on our Audio Service web page here.


  • Tinnitus Support Group

    Tinnitus Support Group for Marlow & Farnham Common – Launch Event

    Tinnitus Support Group Launch Event – Wednesday 10th January, 2018
    Venue – Help in Hearing, Marlow Hearing Clinic, Glade Road, Marlow
    Time – 6:30pm – 8:30pm

    Guest Speakers:

    David Stockdale, Chief Executive, British Tinnitus Association

    Jono Heale, Director, Advanced Communication Solutions

    It is estimated that Tinnitus effects 250 million people worldwide, with over 6 million estimated to suffer in the UK. If you are suffering from tinnitus you are not alone. All too often people are told there is nothing one can do about the condition but this is not the case. At Help in Hearing we offer full tinnitus assessments and a structured tinnitus counselling programme. Says audiologist Selma Becker: “We use various techniques and devices to help sufferers manage and live with tinnitus including sound therapy and masking or aids which not only enhance hearing but offer sound relaxation.”

    Help in Hearing’s Practice Manager, Gilly Wright, is setting up a new support group for local people with tinnitus in Marlow and Farnham Common. A launch event featuring a talk by BTA Chief Executive David Stockdale and guest speaker Jono Heale will take place 6.30pm-8.30pm on Wednesday 10 January at Help In Hearing’s Marlow practice in Glade Road. Depending on demand, the meeting venue will alternate monthly between Marlow and Farnham Common.

    Gilly Wright says: “I am passionate about helping people with tinnitus and hearing problems. I am a tinnitus sufferer with Menieres Disease. Support groups can play such a fantastic role as you can feel so isolated. Sometimes friends and families aren’t able to understand how bad it can be. The plan is to initially hold evening meetings but I would be happy to consider Saturday mornings as an alternative if the interest is there.”

    Tinnitus can be a ringing, buzzing, hissing or roaring sound, and may be temporary or permanent. This noise in your ears or inside your head is unique to you. An estimated 80% of people who suffer from tinnitus also experience some degree of hearing loss, though they may be unaware of it. Tinnitus is a symptom that can be caused by many things, and can even begin for no apparent reason. But it can have a major impact, bringing stress, anxiety, anger and sleep loss. The first step towards taking control of your tinnitus is to consult a professional, so that together, you can find the treatment plan that will work for you.

    About our guest speakers:

    David Stockdale, BTA

    David Stockdale

    David was appointed Chief Executive of the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) in February 2010. He is responsible for the day to day running of the charity, and implements the strategy, as set by the Board of Trustees. He sees supporting the tinnitus community, ensuring a preventative message targets those at risk and increasing research into tinnitus as the BTA’s priorities. David has two young children, who take up most of his free time! David works Monday-Friday.


    Jono HealeJono Heale

    Jono’s background comes from the entertainment industry, working both sides of the curtain for over 25 years. Formally a professional musician he went on to work as a senior manager in further education. He has also worked as a freelance Health and Safety Advisor for festivals and events. Jono has tinnitus and noise (music) induced hearing loss and is passionate about these issues. Jono launched a new campaign called Play Safe Now – Hear Tomorrow on hearing conservation aimed at Music Education. He is a director of ACS and works as an advisor for the British Tinnitus Association and Help Musicians UK.


    Tinnitus Support Group – to book your place

    To book your place on the first Tinnitus Support Group event on 10th January at our Marlow practice, please email us or call us on 0345 222 0579.

    Find out more about tinnitus on our page Tinnitus Explained

    Marlow Tinnitus Support Group Future Events

    Please call Gilly on 0345 222 0579 to book your place

    Wednesday February 7th 6.30pm- 8.30pm

    Help in Hearing, Cedar House, Glade Road, Marlow SL7 1DQ
    Guest Speakers: Selma Becker and Kevin Jeffery, audiologists from Help in Hearing talking about Tinnitus management programmes and suitable hearing aids for Tinnitus sufferers.

    Monday March 19th 6.30pm-8.30pm

    The Garden Room, Liston Hall, Chapel Street. Marlow SL7 1DD
    Guest Speaker: Guest Speaker, Mr Chris Aldren, a consultant ENT surgeon working at Wexham Park Hospital, Slough and the Princess Margaret Hospital, Windsor. He will be giving a talk on Tinnitus and general ear conditions.

    Saturday April 7th: 10.30am – midday

    The Thames Room, Liston Hall, Chapel Street. Marlow SL7 1DD
    Guest speaker: A Tai Chi taster session with Karen Pounds. Karen has over 20 years experience teaching Tai Chi and Qigong and is also a Mindfulness Meditation Facilitator and registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.Tai Chi and Qigong are exercise systems which promote healing and vitality to improve balance, coordination and strength.

  • Win a pair of Aftershokz headphones

    Help us launch our new website and win a pair of Aftershokz headphones

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    You may have noticed we’ve recently launched a brand new, redesigned website which provides a clear message of our commitment to provide outstanding service related to all aspects of hearing health. As part of this relaunch, we’d really love it if you would help us by providing a review score of Help in Hearing on Facebook and/or Google.

    Leave your review and enter competition


    Win a pair of Aftershokz bone conductor headphones

    Aftersjplz Trekz Titanium Headphones

    If you’re already a customer of Help In Hearing and provide a review for us, you will go into our prize draw where you could win a pair of Aftershokz Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones, considered to be the safest alternative to traditional sport headphones and earbuds. Bone conduction technology, an open ear design and a suite of convenient features deliver premium music play and crystal clear calling without compromise. Designed with athletes in mind, Trekz Titanium are sweatproof, secure, and will allow you to hear your surroundings – no matter where life takes you. 


    Not a customer?

    Like us on Facebook if you’re not already a customer

    If you’re not already one of our customers, you can still enter the competition to win the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium headphones. All you need to do is Like the Help in Hearing Facebook page, then fill in the online entry form here. Visit our Facebook page and click Like to be eligible to enter, then go to our page “Win a pair of amazing Aftershokz headphones” to enter the competition.

    Like our Facebook page  and then   Enter the competition to win Aftershokz headphones


    Win a pair of Aftershokz bone conductor headphones

    Aftersjplz Trekz Titanium Headphones

    If you’re already a customer of Help In Hearing and provide a review for us, you will go into our prize draw where you could win a pair of Aftershokz Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones, considered to be the safest alternative to traditional sport headphones and earbuds. Bone conduction technology, an open ear design and a suite of convenient features deliver premium music play and crystal clear calling without compromise. Designed with athletes in mind, Trekz Titanium are sweatproof, secure, and will allow you to hear your surroundings – no matter where life takes you. 



    About the charity & competition T&Cs

    Donation to charity for every review received

    Alzheimers Dementia Support

    For every review we receive, we’ll make a donation to local charity, Alzheimers Dementia Support (ADS). There is an ever growing number of people with dementia and their carers within our local community of Windsor, Maidenhead, Ascot, Slough and Langley who can benefit from the services of the Alzheimers Dementia Support charity. This is why we’ve chosen to support the charity with our donations to help their work. Your review on Google and Facebook will help the charity as we are making a donation for every review received. 

    Competition details

    The competition starts on 29th November 2017 and will close at midnight on 19th January 2018.  We will draw a winner at random within 7 days of the closing date. The winner will be notified directly by email and then we will announce details of the winner on our website and on our social media channels after that.

    Full Terms and Conditions can be found here.



  • Join us for mince pies and mulled wine

    Join us for Mince Pies and Mulled Wine

    Join us for mince pies and mulled wine at both our practices:

    Call in any time from 2.30pm – 6.30pm

    Tuesday 5th December at Farnham Common

    Thursday 7th December at Marlow

    Plus: Enter a free draw to win a luxury festive hamper, supplied by GN Resound


    • Enhance your hearing for Christmas
    • Book in for a complimentary hearing check
    • Have your hearing aid serviced ready for Christmas
    • Take up the offer of a free hearing aid trial


    RSVP: Email us or Call us on 0345 2220579

  • Hearing Aids Recycling Scheme with The Lions Club

    Hearing aids recycling scheme

    We regularly recycle used hearing aids by donating them to the Lions Club for their hearing aid recycling scheme. This allows the Lions Club to provide affordable hearing aids for hard-of-hearing individuals who have limited financial resources.

    The Lions ClubThe World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 278 million people around the world have moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears. But less than 10% of those people will ever get hearing aids because annual production doesn’t go anywhere near meeting the demand. The poor are especially affected because they are unable to afford the preventative care necessary to avoid hearing loss, or hearing aids to improve their hearing.

    Hearing impairment and deafness are serious disabilities that can impose heavy social and economic burdens on individuals, families, communities and countries.

    Children with hearing impairment often experience delayed development of speech and language skills, which may result in slow learning and difficulty in school. Adults who are hard of hearing ofen experience difficulty in obtaining and keeping employment. Both children and adults may suffer from social isolation as a result of hearing impairment.

    Hearing aid recycling – how the scheme works

    Hearing aids recycling bin for the Lions ClubLions collect hearing aids and send them to regional Lions Hearing Aid Recycling Centers. The centres utilise donated hearing aids in various ways:

    • Lions may partner with participating hearing care professionals who refurbish donated hearing aids to fit the individual needs of the recipient.
    • Lions may provide a team of hearing care professionals or volunteers with a supply of donated hearing aids that have been repaired and refurbished for use during a health care mission to a developing nation.
    • Lions may give donated hearing aids to participating manufacturers who issue credit to the Lions for all useful parts. This credit value is then applied towards the purchase of new hearing aids for persons who have limited ability to pay.

    Lions clubs and Lions hearing foundations collect thousands of hearing aids each year.

    Lions Hearing Aid Recycling Centers utilise donated hearing aids in various ways as a means to provide hearing aids for those in need.

    Lions operate voluntarily with the support of public donations, individual member contributions, and Lions Clubs International Foundation grants.

    100% of public donations to Lions clubs is used for charitable causes – no money goes towards administrative expenses.

    Hearing aid recycling – where to find out more

    Next time you’re at one of our hearing clinics we’d be happy to tell you more about our hearing aid recycling scheme. You can also find out more information at the Lions Club website or you can get in touch via our contact form.  

  • Staff News

    Staff News – A Welcome and a Fond Farewell

    A fond farewell to Marguerite

    Marguerite plans to enjoy her gardenWe are sad to see Marguerite retiring. She has been working with Help in Hearing for 18 years, having started originally with the previous owner.

    Selma took over the practice in 2005, with Marguerite being an integral member of the team. She has a wealth of knowledge and has always been happy to help service, or mend all types of hearing aids. Indeed, the more challenging the better!

    Her retirement journey starts with a trip to see her daughter and grandchildren in New Zealand. She has no plans beyond this yet but certainly hopes to make the most of her time enjoying her garden and perhaps giving a few French lessons along the way. Au revoir Marguerite et bonne chance!



    Our new Practice Manager Gilly Wright and her dog, AlfieWelcome to Gilly

    We are pleased to welcome Gilly Wright as our new Practice Manager. With 15 years’ experience in private practice, Gilly has previously worked in Pain Management and Optics, having originally started out her career in PR and trade journalism.

    She was recently married in Zell am See, Austria and has three grown up children and a Bichon Frisee called Alfie, who some of you may well have already been introduced to in our Farnham Common practice.

    Gilly is passionate about helping people with hearing difficulties as she herself wears hearing aids and has battled over the years with Menieres and Tinnitus. She is very much looking forward to her new challenge and we are delighted to have her on board.

    Please get in touch with Gilly if you would like to book appointments or have any other queries about our products and services, or fill in our contact form.

  • Open Week Hearing Clinic

    Open Week hearing clinic 23rd – 30th October 2017

    Limited places available, please call to secure your appointment Call 01753 642687 (evening appointments available)

    We are holding an Open Week hearing clinic in our Farnham Common practice and would love to see you and your friends. Come along for a free hearing check, hearing aid servicing & an introduction to micro-suction wax removal.

    Bring a friend

    Why not bring along a friend or relative who may also be experiencing a hearing loss and need our help? We would be pleased to conduct a free hearing check for them. If they go on to make a purchase with us you will receive a thank you voucher worth £25.

    NEW customers

    If you are experiencing hearing problems, there has never been a better time to take action. The sooner you take the first step to better hearing, the sooner you’ll enjoy the benefits of not missing out. Join us for a complimentary hearing check during our Open Week hearing clinic.

    Any concerns or questions

    Our audiologists Selma and Kevin will be available to talk to you if you have any hearing issues or concerns and need some professional reassurance.

    TRIAL the latest hearing technology

    Find out about the latest advances in hearing aid technology from the discreet hidden Lyric to the latest direct connectivity Bluetooth hearing aids. We are offering all Open Week visitors a free two week trial.

    Hearing aid batteries and consumables

    Stock up on any consumables you may need.

    Refreshments available with our compliments.


  • Highs and Lows – Understanding Frequency and Pitch

    For many people with hearing loss, hearing protection is a big deal. It’s important to protect whatever level of hearing ability you still have. In this article we discuss the effects of frequency and pitch.

    What are Frequency and Pitch?

    “Frequency” and “pitch” are common terms in any discussion about hearing, but what exactly are they?

    You probably already understand the basics. For example, “I eat biscuits frequently” means that your biscuit-eating occurrences come close together. With sound, “frequency” refers to how close together the sound waves are.

    Sound is created by vibration. Tap a tuning fork against the table and its tines vibrate, causing a sound wave to move away from it. Sound waves can come close together (high frequency) or further apart (low frequency). Frequency is measured in Hertz (Hz), where 1 Hz = 1 vibration / second. (Learn more about the science here.)

    High Pitch and Low Pitch

    The sensation of a sound wave’s frequency is called pitch. A high-frequency sound, such as a dog whistle, is called “high-pitched,” and a low-frequency sound, like a bass drum, is “low-pitched.” Some pitches, or frequencies, are easier for humans to hear than others. Human hearing in the normal range can detect sounds of frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hz; dogs, between 50 and 45,000 Hz. Dolphins can detect frequencies as high as 200,000 Hz!

    Speech includes a mix of low- and high-pitched sounds:

    • Vowel sounds like a short O, as in the word “hot,” have low frequencies (250 to 1,000 Hz)
    • Consonants like S, H, and F have higher frequencies (1,500 to 6,000 Hz)

    Looking at an audiogram, you can see how a person’s ability to hear these sounds will affect the ability to understand language. We will look at this topic in a later blog so you can see how human perception of frequency matters in rating hearing protective devices.

  • National Lipreading Awareness Week 2016

    Free 1-hour tasters in lipreading skills Sept 12 – 16

    • Are you one of the 1 in 6 people in the UK with a hearing loss?
    • Do you struggle to hear in noisy situations?
    • Have you thought about joining a lipreading class?

    Free one-hour tasters are being offered in Buckinghamshire during Lipreading Awareness Week (September 12-16) by tutors Judy Perry and Molly Berry from the Association of Teachers of Lipreading to Adults.

    Lipreading can be a good support in conjunction with hearing aids and learning to lipread is a skill which can improve how much you understand when people speak to you. Classes are small and friendly and also provide information on coping strategies and assistive equipment.

    Free lipreading taster sessions in Buckinghamshire:

    Mon 12 Sept – 10:30am:  Amersham

    Mon 12 Sept – 2:30pm: Beaconsfield Old Town

    Tue 13 Sept – 2:00pm: Gerrards Cross

    Thu 15 Sept – 11:00am: Haddenham

    Fri 16 Sept – 10:30am: High Wycombe*

    Fri 16 Sept – 2:30pm: Wendover

    *This session will be at Wycombe General Hospital and will include useful communication strategies and care of your hearing aids.

    For further details please email Judy Perry or call her on 07837 993 923.

    Lipreading Community Tutors, Classes throughout Bucks, Herts & Beds or for classes nationwide visit the Association’s website.