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Phonak Roger Select - excellent speech understanding in noisy situations.

Phonak Roger Select

Our hearing is very individual. Some of us like sounds to be loud, some prefer things to be quieter, some prefer listening to music while others prefer listening to bird song. Hearing loss presents individual challenges to each client, depending…

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Evolution of hearing aids

How hearing aids are evolving

In the technology boom of the last few years, some of the biggest everyday improvements have been seen in the field of audiology. Only a generation ago, hearing aids could be bulky and difficult to adjust, very unlike the discreet…

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The Oticon OPN Hearing Aids in Silver

Oticon OPN Review

For many years I managed to hear well with one ear. I had battled with Meniere’s Disease, resulting in moderate to severe hearing loss on the left side. I was coping just fine until the day my body decided to…

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