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  • Hearing Aids Recycling Scheme with The Lions Club

    Hearing aids recycling scheme

    We regularly recycle used hearing aids by donating them to the Lions Club for their hearing aid recycling scheme. This allows the Lions Club to provide affordable hearing aids for hard-of-hearing individuals who have limited financial resources.

    The Lions ClubThe World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 278 million people around the world have moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears. But less than 10% of those people will ever get hearing aids because annual production doesn’t go anywhere near meeting the demand. The poor are especially affected because they are unable to afford the preventative care necessary to avoid hearing loss, or hearing aids to improve their hearing.

    Hearing impairment and deafness are serious disabilities that can impose heavy social and economic burdens on individuals, families, communities and countries.

    Children with hearing impairment often experience delayed development of speech and language skills, which may result in slow learning and difficulty in school. Adults who are hard of hearing ofen experience difficulty in obtaining and keeping employment. Both children and adults may suffer from social isolation as a result of hearing impairment.

    Hearing aid recycling – how the scheme works

    Hearing aids recycling bin for the Lions ClubLions collect hearing aids and send them to regional Lions Hearing Aid Recycling Centers. The centres utilise donated hearing aids in various ways:

    • Lions may partner with participating hearing care professionals who refurbish donated hearing aids to fit the individual needs of the recipient.
    • Lions may provide a team of hearing care professionals or volunteers with a supply of donated hearing aids that have been repaired and refurbished for use during a health care mission to a developing nation.
    • Lions may give donated hearing aids to participating manufacturers who issue credit to the Lions for all useful parts. This credit value is then applied towards the purchase of new hearing aids for persons who have limited ability to pay.

    Lions clubs and Lions hearing foundations collect thousands of hearing aids each year.

    Lions Hearing Aid Recycling Centers utilise donated hearing aids in various ways as a means to provide hearing aids for those in need.

    Lions operate voluntarily with the support of public donations, individual member contributions, and Lions Clubs International Foundation grants.

    100% of public donations to Lions clubs is used for charitable causes – no money goes towards administrative expenses.

    Hearing aid recycling – where to find out more

    Next time you’re at one of our hearing clinics we’d be happy to tell you more about our hearing aid recycling scheme. You can also find out more information at the Lions Club website or you can get in touch via our contact form.  

  • The Oticon OPN Hearing Aids in Silver

    Oticon OPN Review

    For many years I managed to hear well with one ear. I had battled with Meniere’s Disease, resulting in moderate to severe hearing loss on the left side. I was coping just fine until the day my body decided to let me down. I developed a Cholesteatoma in my “good” ear. The operation to remove the growth was very successful but my hearing was reduced significantly enough to need to now need a hearing aid.

    Post operatively I tried an NHS aid in my Meniere’s nerve damaged ear but the attempt left me feeling very vulnerable and a little scared, as my hearing was very distorted. Eventually my other ear recovered from the operation and I was ready to try a hearing aid on the other side, which worked well enough to enable me to return to work.

    I can now hear in both ears!

    However, last week my hearing was revolutionised! Selma Becker at Help in Hearing has now fitted me with a pair of Oticon OPN Bluetooth hearing aids. A little disconcerting at first because I can now hear in both ears, particularly my own voice which I thought would never be possible. I met with friends over the weekend at a noisy coffee shop and I could actually hear what they were saying. I am now able to differentiate speech from the rest of the hubbub around me. I could even hear my daughter whispering to me in the cinema.

    Oticon OPN hearing aids connect to mobile phone

    My Oticon OPN hearing aids connect direct to my mobile phone and the clarity of “in-the-ear” (ITE) hearing is amazing. Alongside the obvious benefits of being able to hear more clearly, another advantage is the reduction of loud noise. Meniere’s has left me with a condition called Hyperacusis which is an intolerance to loud noise, even at most people’s “normal” thresholds. I dread the smoke alarm, zebra crossing, refuse collection – the ubiquity of the modern beep – it hurts my head so much!

    My new hearing aid has an output limiter which controls uncomfortable loudness threshold levels. It knows not to amplify sound above that threshold so that I don’t perceive it to be “loud” even if it isn’t. How clever is that? It really works, as I discovered when I burnt the toast this morning. We saw a musical at the theatre recently and I sat rather too near the front – who would have thought that it would be my husband instead of me, who came away with sore ears!

    Oticon OPN – where to find out more

    Visit our Oticon Opn hearing aids page to find out more about these hearing aids, including the new ConnectClip, which connects to your smartphone, the Opn rechargeable hearing aid and connecting to Internet devices with your Opns.

    Read a blog article about the Oticon OPN – a remarkable new hearing instrument.

    If you’d like to make an appointment to discuss the Oticon OPN, please get in touch.

  • Charity firewalk for Action on Hearing

    Walking on fire for charity

    Gilly Wright will do a firewalk in NovemberOur new Practice Manager, Gilly Wright, is taking her role so seriously she has volunteered to walk across 15 feet of burning embers in London on 2nd November, for Action on Hearing Loss.

    No tricks, no special effects, just the firewalk. If she can walk a path as hot as 800 degrees, imagine what else she might be capable of!

    Action against Hearing Loss is the largest charity in the UK, funding research and support for people affected by hearing loss. Anyone who is interested in sponsoring Gilly on her firewalk please ask for the sponsorship form when you next call in to one of our hearing clinics. Or go to Gilly’s Just Giving page to donate.


    Update: To find out how Gilly got on and how much she raised for charity, please view our update article.

  • Staff News

    Staff News – A Welcome and a Fond Farewell

    A fond farewell to Marguerite

    Marguerite plans to enjoy her gardenWe are sad to see Marguerite retiring. She has been working with Help in Hearing for 18 years, having started originally with the previous owner.

    Selma took over the practice in 2005, with Marguerite being an integral member of the team. She has a wealth of knowledge and has always been happy to help service, or mend all types of hearing aids. Indeed, the more challenging the better!

    Her retirement journey starts with a trip to see her daughter and grandchildren in New Zealand. She has no plans beyond this yet but certainly hopes to make the most of her time enjoying her garden and perhaps giving a few French lessons along the way. Au revoir Marguerite et bonne chance!



    Our new Practice Manager Gilly Wright and her dog, AlfieWelcome to Gilly

    We are pleased to welcome Gilly Wright as our new Practice Manager. With 15 years’ experience in private practice, Gilly has previously worked in Pain Management and Optics, having originally started out her career in PR and trade journalism.

    She was recently married in Zell am See, Austria and has three grown up children and a Bichon Frisee called Alfie, who some of you may well have already been introduced to in our Farnham Common practice.

    Gilly is passionate about helping people with hearing difficulties as she herself wears hearing aids and has battled over the years with Menieres and Tinnitus. She is very much looking forward to her new challenge and we are delighted to have her on board.

    Please get in touch with Gilly if you would like to book appointments or have any other queries about our products and services, or fill in our contact form.

  • Open Week Hearing Clinic

    Open Week hearing clinic 23rd – 30th October 2017

    Limited places available, please call to secure your appointment Call 01753 642687 (evening appointments available)

    We are holding an Open Week hearing clinic in our Farnham Common practice and would love to see you and your friends. Come along for a free hearing check, hearing aid servicing & an introduction to micro-suction wax removal.

    Bring a friend

    Why not bring along a friend or relative who may also be experiencing a hearing loss and need our help? We would be pleased to conduct a free hearing check for them. If they go on to make a purchase with us you will receive a thank you voucher worth £25.

    NEW customers

    If you are experiencing hearing problems, there has never been a better time to take action. The sooner you take the first step to better hearing, the sooner you’ll enjoy the benefits of not missing out. Join us for a complimentary hearing check during our Open Week hearing clinic.

    Any concerns or questions

    Our audiologists Selma and Kevin will be available to talk to you if you have any hearing issues or concerns and need some professional reassurance.

    TRIAL the latest hearing technology

    Find out about the latest advances in hearing aid technology from the discreet hidden Lyric to the latest direct connectivity Bluetooth hearing aids. We are offering all Open Week visitors a free two week trial.

    Hearing aid batteries and consumables

    Stock up on any consumables you may need.

    Refreshments available with our compliments.